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My friends from Sabah were raving about the new Green Chili Crunch from KFC and they gave pretty good reviews to it. As shared by my friend Ken Wong here.

My foodie friend Ken actually tapao the KFC and brought it home to do his own photoshoot. Talk about commitment to food photography!


After seeing those delicious looking pics ~~ how can I resist? I decided to check out the new Serusop branch of KFC. Here you can see their order and pick up points.


The top floor has a spacious trendy layout and glass windows to allow natural light into the restaurant.


It was a bright sunny day so I’ll be making use of the light advantage to shoot pictures of the new KFC Green Chili Crunch ~~ let’s see if I can rival Ken’s lovely photos! But of course – I’m here to enjoy the food too ~~


I asked the KFC staff about what’s unique about the Green Chili Crunch. They told me it’s an original play of fresh and vibrant flavours of parsley, lime and chili. In keeping with KFC’s plan to offer exciting new flavours to a Finger Lickin’ Good meal, this new addition to the menu will satisfy those seeking a different spicy lime kick to their KFC meal.


“At KFC, we pride ourselves in making the best fried chicken to satisfy all crunchy and savoury cravings. We also aim to create new flavours to excite our customers. In our latest KFC Green Chili Crunch, the medley of herbs and spices certainly makes you feel like you are on the greener side of life,” said Mr. Ooi, General manager of KFC Brunei.


At first glance ~~ I am intrigue by the lush green colours of the fried chicken. It felt like crushed pistachios or matcha ~~ which is normally seen on desserts ~~ but the aroma of the spices kicked in as I was taking this macro shot ~~ ahhh I’m gonna be expecting quite a spicy chili taste ~~ mmm ~~

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-22 at 12.28.52 PM

The KFC Green Chili Crunch is available in a 2-pc and 3-pc chicken combo as well as Box meal. Priced from BND 7.50, each combo meal comes with KFC’s signature sides and a drink. The Box meal comes with a piece of KFC Green Chili Crunch chicken, zinger burger, sides and a drink.


I think the Box meal would be amazing but I think the 2 pc meal for today with their mashed potatoes and coleslaw should be sufficient for me.


Personally I can see why my Sabah friends were raving about this. The flavours of limey spicy taste on the crispy skin as I bite onto really packs a punch and is very suitable to the South East Asian taste buds. Karen Lee, my foodie friend also shared the same feeling and enjoyed this very much!

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{KFC Green Chilli Crunch} . Winner, winner, chicken, dinner! . "Step into the greener side" @kfcbrunei has just announced a new flavour of fried chicken! Don't worry, its not spinach chicken despite the colours. . . With a harmonious blend of parsley, green chilli and lime, this chicken reminds me of Indonesian spicy but zestier - like a kind of chimichurri flavour. Did I mention its aromatic too? . . Most of the flavours are concentrated on the crispy and crunchy skin. I really enjoyed this flavour since I like spicy food and the slight zest amps up the flavour profile even more. . . Give this a try and let me know what you think! . . Swipe for other yummy finger food- shrimp nuggets & popcorn chicken!

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The best part is actually taking a hot spicy bite from the crunchy chicken ~~ then take a cooling bite of coleslaw ~~ and sip of iced cold Pepsi ~~ ooooooo ~~ then repeat again ~~~~


I admit I’m pretty fond of these spicy prawn nuggets from KFC. So addictive!


My friend Karen say she must have popcorn chicken every time she comes KFC.. tsk tsk ~~~ the good news is that the popcorn chicken will still be on the menu for the time being!


Our happy ending to our KFC meal ~~~ Oreo drumstick ~~ seriously satisfying!! Hu hu hu ~~


Of course ~~ must remember to tapao for my wife ~~ cannot sendiri makan and not share the good food. Keep calm and tapao for your family and colleagues.

QSR 2400727-001 FamilyFeast-June19_SF_Brunei

BTW~~ I heard that there’s a new promo that will start on 1 August! Oooh I can’t wait!! The 9 piece combo looks good for a FEAST!!

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