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KFC Brunei has reinvented the rules of eating by bringing a playful twist to their menu with their latest innovation - KFC ‘Dunk & Dip’. Talk about playing with your food! When I first watched the video for the new KFC Dunk and Dip, I was pretty excited to try it out!  Forget about the conventional way of dining, this new creation by KFC invites everyone to break free from the ordinary and indulge in the Finger Lickin’ good fun of dunking and dipping their favourite KFC Crispy Tenders.


I was happy to be invited along with the media to get a taste of this fun Dunk and Dip at the KFC Kiulap Branch ~~


The Crispy Tenders are already good on its own but the fun comes from the interesting play of flavour and texture of the combination of two new unique dips. The barbeque Smokey Zesty Dip together with the peppery crunch of the Crackling Rice Pops with KFC’s succulent Hot & Spicy Crispy Tenders, offers a sensational eating experience that promises to delight and excite.


“We want to ensure that our customers experience a good time whenever they choose to dine with KFC.  This newly-launched Dunk & Dip Crispy Tenders is created to bring a unique and fun experience to our customers in a never-before format. With our delicious Smokey Zesty Dip and crunchy Crackling Rice Pops you won’t be able to stop. Just dunk, dip, crunch, and repeat!” said Mr. Ooi, General Manager, KFC Brunei.


For me ~~ even dipping the crispy tenders on this smoky zesty bbq sauce is already good on its own ~~~~ but this is only the first step in enjoying the Dunk and Dip!


These crackling rice pops are packed with flavour! Mmmmm~~~~


The sticky bbq sauce will help these spiced crackling rice pops stick to your crispy tenders ~~~ oooh yesss!!


The smoky flavour of the bbq sauce and the crunchy spiced rice pops adds a lot of textural contrast and fun to eating your usual chicken tenders ~~


Some times I just like to make a big mess and drizzle everything on the chicken ~~~ delicious mess I call it ~~ hahaha~~


KFC Dunk & Dip is available à la carte and in combo meals for a limited time only. Starting from BND 3.30, Dunk & Dip à la carte comes with 3-pcs of Crispy Tenders, the Smokey Zesty Dip and Crackling Rice Pops.


Combo meals starts from BND 7.50 , together with KFC signature sides (coleslaw and whipped potato) and a cup of carbonated drink, it is a complete meal set to satisfy~~ you can even add signature fried chicken to the combo if you like ~~


We also got to try this newly launched Shrimp Nuggets! They are pretty addictive! Shrimp coated with batter and cornflakes for added crisp texture!


You can have the shrimp nuggets alacarte or have them as part of the Bucket Bersama combo! DROOLS!


The KFC DUNK AND DIP will be available nationwide at all KFC restaurants from 16 August 2018, while stocks last! Grab it while you can!

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