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KFC ZINGER WAFFLE! More than a Zinger More than a Waffle


When I first saw the teaser for the Zinger Waffle I was excited! A unique take on the well loved Zinger burger – with a Belgian waffle bun! *drools* The day finally arrived for me to meet this delicious innovative burger from KFC!


The KFC Zinger Waffle Burger is a generous yummy stack of deliciousness. In place of the conventional burger bun are fluffy premium Belgian Waffles sandwiching the spicy KFC Zinger fillet. Topped with a delicate golden Maple syrup and KFC mayo sauce, this is a good combination and contrast of flavours and texture!


The spiciness and crispiness from the chicken ~~ the fluffy and sweet from the waffle and maple syrup ~~ with a creamy mouth feel from the mayo~~ mmmm ~~~ what a combo!


“We know that today’s generation appreciates a little adventure when it comes to food and this inspiration has led to this big burger concept that is both indulgent and differentiated. It is not just another quick-on-the-go format as it is loaded with everything that makes for a lavish and satisfying eat. You wouldn’t want to miss it,” said Mr. Ooi, General Manager of KFC Brunei.


This is definitely a very instagram worthy moment ~~ nowadays the food not only have to taste good but also look instagrammable!


Social Influencer Rano also joining in the fun ~~


Enough photo taking! I’m sure you can’t wait to sink your teeth into these delicious morsels! A gentle reminder to eat them as soon as possible!


The KFC Zinger Waffle Burger is available starting from BND 6.90 ala carte. This limited time offering is also available in combo and Mega Box meals. Considering that Chicken and Waffles generally cost around $12 to $18 in restaurants or cafes ~~ this is actually a good deal!


Unbox – Unwrap – Snap Pictures (or skip this step) – then enjoy!


Move over chicken and waffles ~~ the Zinger Waffle is here to satisfy some awesome foodie cravings!


The Zinger Waffle Burger combo comes with Crispier Fries and a drink while Mega Box includes a piece of Hot & Spicy or Original Recipe chicken. I personally would go for the Mega Box ~~ as there’s always an excuse for more Kentucky Fried Chicken!


Mmmmm~~~ always a good reason to have extra fried chicken on the side ~~~ and their mashed potatoes and coleslaw~~ Mmmm ~~~


The Zinger Waffle will be available at KFC Delivery and all KFC restaurants nationwide while stocks last. It’s more than a Zinger, more than a waffle.


Be sure to spread the joy around and tapao for your loved ones, families and dear colleagues too!


This is your friendly neighbourhood foodie signing off with this lovely bite ~~ mmmm ~~~ delicious! Some people might prefer to eat the waffles and the zinger separately but I personally prefer to eat them like an actual burger ~~ Note the waffle buns are supposed to resemble a bun – so Belgian waffles are the perfect fluffy goodness for this burger ~~~ instead of the typical Liege waffles which are the crispy type! A good contrast of flavours and texture for me ~~ thumbs up and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

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