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Hair Loss Treatment and Scalp Care in Brunei! Scalp Trichocare Hair Spa


Hair loss and dandruff are quite common hair problems, especially among Bruneian living in humid weather condition -most likely due to the lack of care of our scalp.


Bald patches are a nightmare not only for men, but for women as well. Women are very susceptible to post natal hair loss and bald patches (could be from wearing tudong in hot weather, or not drying the hair completely before wearing tudong). There are quite a number of us who suffer from itchy scalp as well – which can be quite an annoyance – causing major discomfort and lack of sleep.  Most of those problems can stem from poor scalp care habits and if left untreated could only get worse!


Do you know it is actually their 6th year of local presence in Brunei with strong research technology & background in TCM herbs ! Trichocare Hair Spa also aims to be a franchisor — to grant rights, training & support to their franchisees in the near future (which is great news for a local start up so do enquire if interested)


It’s really great to know that there’s a qualified hair and scalp specialist in Brunei – Scalp Trichocare Hairspa.  My wife had the pleasure to have a hair scalp consultation and treatment with their specialist Lenny.

Here are the steps of the consultation and treatment.

1. FREE Scalp Hair Scanning & Consultation
2.  “Scalp & Hair Cleansing and pH balancing”
3. Anti Hair Loss, Anti Dandruff & Hair Growth Ginseng Herbal Paste infused into scalp.
4. Relaxing Head massage with relaxing music – an excellent pampering session
5. Steam Water Therapy for deeper nutrient infusion
6. Washing up
7. Blow Dry
8. After therapy, healthy scalp for healthy hair ❤

Step 1 Scalp Hair Scanning & Consultation


The first step is the scalp scanning and consultation process. Here their qualified Scalp & Hair Therapists will use a special scanner to scan different parts of your scalp - their  scanning equipment allows a magnification of up to 200 times, which enables them to view the exact condition of your scalp so that they may administer the right treatment for you. I decided to let them check my scalp as well – and you will be able to see how thick your hair strands are – how many strands of hair per hair follicle and whether your scalp is oily or reddish. 


As I noticed – I have quite few hair follicles (which displays dangers of bald patches), while some of my hair follicles have only one or two strands of hair – for a healthy hair follicle – it should have around 3 and above hairs in it. I also have quite an oily and slightly reddish scalp – which might explain why I have itchy hair. Lenny was able to pinpoint possible problems with my hair care and gave me valuable advice on how to shampoo my hair and what sort of shampoo I should be using. Quite an eye opener for me! Their professional consultants will assist you every step of the way to identify possible lifestyle habits or external contributing factors that cause your hair loss.


Naturally my wife has a healthier scalp than me, having more hair per follicle but she does have an itchy scalp so the hair spa treatment will be good to improve the condition of her scalp.


She took a picture of her scalp condition with her phone ~~ haha ~~

Step 2 Scalp and Hair Cleansing – PH Balancing


This step is when they will give you a thorough wash with their special shampoo – a little bit of massage to wash away the dirt and oils on your scalp – which contribute to scalp problems. Very often, we did not take enough time to slowly massage our scalp with the right shampoo.

Step 3 and 4: Anti Hair Loss, Anti Dandruff & Hair Growth Ginseng Herbal Paste on scalp – followed by Relaxing Head massage with soothing music


This is when they use their special herbal paste – a special paste with no artificial colouring and preservatives or harmful chemicals – infused with quaity ingredients to soothe your hair. My wife really enjoys the cooling sensation when Lenny applies it on her hair – and naturally the massage is very very good. This to her is the best best part of the treatment!

According to their website – the following vital ingredients are present in their hair products to ensure excellent scalp care while encouraging hair growth!

Enriched with Vitamin E, this magical root also known as ‘dang gui’ helps to improve blood circulation, increase metabolic rate and replenish nutrients in the scalp which are vital for healthy hair growth.

A medicinal mushroom that helps to reduce premature greying of the hair.

Improves blood blood circulation to encourage new hair growth. Its antibacterial properties also help to prevent infections such as ringworm that causes hair loss.

Rich in vitamin A1, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and iron, this power berry adds to the rich colour and gloss of your hair

Prevents loss of protein, rich in vitamin E and keeps the scalp hydrated. Its antioxidant properties lowers the rate of hair loss by fighting free radicals.

Known as ‘He Shou Wu’ in Chinese, this herb works by nourishing the kidney and regulating blood flow to increase hair growth rate and restore hair colour. It can also reduce hair loss by regulating the DHT hormone.

A crucial ingredient in our treatment, ginger eliminates dandruff, improves blood circulation and prevents thinning of the hair by strengthening the hair roots.


The root of all traditional herbs, ginseng helps to strengthen hair roots and prevent dandruff with its high Saponin content, an anti-bacterial compound. It is also used to increase the lifespan of each hair follicle.

Step 5 Steam Water Therapy for Deeper Nutrient Infusion


After a lovely scalp massage, to further allow the nutrients of the herbal paste to be absorbed – they have a cool steam water therapy machine to improve the infusion of the vital ingredients into your scalp!

Step 5 and 6: Washing up and Blow Dry


All good things must come to an end as Lenny finishes up by washing off the herbal paste ~~


A happy ending to finish off the treatment ~~ blow drying your hair ~~ which is an essential step of scalp care!


My wife was really happy with the hair and scalp spa treatment and will look forward to her next session! It’s been a week after her treatment and she has not felt itchiness in her scalp at all! A problem that annoyed her previously!


They also have a lovely massage chair for customers who are waiting for their treatment if they are too early (or possibly their husbands who accompany them throughout the treatment)

Videos and Testimonials from other customers

Be sure to check out the following video testimonials from happy customers of Trichocare Scalp Care Hair Spa Treatment!

Having these types of hair dilemma? • Hair Loss? • Bald spots? • Weak Hair Strands? • Itchy Scalp? • Excessive Dandruff? Do not be distressed by your hair complication. Rejoice! Scalp Tricho Care offers hair treatments that incorporate the latest technology to examine the problem and using the selected exclusive herbs to cure the hair issue. With the treatments done at Scalp Tricho Care Hair Spa, your hair will recover at its glorious conditions. You are entitled to receive a consultation for “FREE”. Just dial these line to reserve your slot: +673-723-5273 +673-242-8143 Or go to their branch: 2nd Floor, Unit C35, Block C, Gadong Central, SPG 21, Brunei (same row as Gadong Sushi Tei) @ammarmuazzam / @aum_orange

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If you are worried about Grey Hair – they can also give you a free scalp analysis to help you out!


Dandruff problems can be embarrassing – so do check them out! Note that there are student discounts & packages available!!


Quote “THANIS20” to get 20% off all Scalp Therapies at Trichocare Hair Spa!

Be sure to check them out at 2nd Floor, Unit C35, Block C, Gadong Central, SPG 21, Brunei (same row as Gadong Sushi Tei) or call  +673  2428143/ 7235273 to find out more!

Opening hours: 8:30am - 6:30 pm Everyday including Saturday, Sunday




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