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Ho Chi Minh: Best Buffet Breakfast at Opera, Park Hyatt Saigon


I normally don’t enjoy buffet breakfasts at hotels. I’m usually disappointed at the quality of baked goods, choices of cereals, and waiting in line for my eggs to be cooked ~~ going back and forth from my table to check if they are done ~~ but when it comes to Park Hyatt Saigon’s buffet breakfast at Opera – it has opened my eyes to what type of standard a five star hotel breakfast should be like. 


The place is really spacious and comfy while oozing with class. I personally would come here with a group of friends and dress up just for breakfast or brunch here! Waking up to this seemed very pleasing on the eye~~

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This was the table we picked ~~ great amount of light for us to be sun kissed lightly in the morning as we enjoy the buffet ~~~


What’s special about their buffet is that – you can order most of the dishes ala carte from your table – and you can order as much as you can eat ~~~ besides that – there’s also a buffet line with various selections of breakfast items to start your day ~~

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Let’s look at the buffet line first ~~ here’s their assorted baked goods section ~

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The selection of croissants, danish pastries, tarts, muffins and donuts are already calling my name ~~ arghhh!!


Quality choice of jams and spreads for your bread ~~~ mmm ~~~


I normally don’t like the pastries from breakfast buffets but the ones at Opera is amazingly delicious ~~ be sure to ask them to heat it up for you to enjoy maximum pleasure ~~ *drools*


Can you see the vanilla beans ~~ priceless! *NOM NOM*


Start your day with salads? Mmmmm ~~ I must confess I skipped this hahaha ~~ I’m not much of a morning salad person ~~


I’m usually disappointed with cereal selections but Opera’s choice of cereals won me over – look at that amazing amount of choices for you to create your ultimate cereal bowl! They even give a choice of fresh full cream or skim milk ~~ and very delicious soy milk!


My soy milk cereal bowl is better than yours ~~ don’t be jealous ~ join the club ~~ come to Opera for their breakfast!


They also have a good selection of cold cut meats, salmon and cheese!!


Yogurt, fruit juices or chia puddings? They have a great selection too ~~


Wifey adding good fiber to her breakfast with matcha chia pudding and fruits ~~~


They also got these gorgeous crispy thin bacon ~~~ *drools*


The honey leg ham is simply the bomb! They will slice it for you as you order ~~~


They even got dim sum ~~ mmmm ~~ these steamed dumplings look yum!


I did mention that you really don’t even need to leave your table when you order as many of these as you want – they are part of the Opera breakfast buffet ~~ cooked fresh to order ~~ these is the international menu choices


I will always have eggs benny at most hotel restaurants ~~~ the chefs at Opera really know how to make you happy ~~


Seriously happiness on a plate ~~ OMG OMG OMG~~~


They can do omelets any way you like ~~ even for the health conscious fitness junkie ~~ you can have egg white omelets with sautéed healthy veggies!


I have to say their baked eggs with mushrooms, scamorza cheese and tomatoes is very delicious! Has a nice spicy kick to it!


Multi seed waffles are pretty good too!


I also love their Vietnamese selections!


Now that’s a posh bowl of Beef Pho ~~~ mmmm ~~~


They also have Tay Ninh style rice noodle soup ~~ which I actually prefer more than the Pho! It has lovely slices of pork belly and plump juicy prawns ~~ and the rice noodles texture were lovely!

I must give a special mention to their banh mi ~~ really well balanced and delicious! I am missing this as I’m typing ~ oooh my ~~~~ *stomach growling*


If you are feeling lazy in the morning to go grab your own from the buffet line ~~ you can order it off the menu and have them plate it nicely for you ~ I didn’t get to order these so there’s no lovely pictures ~~ but I did make my own cereal and have a plate of hot delicious pastries ~~~


Their drinks menu is also all you can order ~~ ahhh so much choice!


French Pressed Dammann Freres Earl Grey Tea ~~  and down to earth Vietnamese Caphe Sua Da ~~ mmm ~~~


Or just grab some of these coconuts or fruit juices from the buffet line ~~ hee hee ~~


All in all ~~ I really enjoyed my breakfast at Opera, Park Hyatt Saigon ~~ you get a good selection of healthy choices, lots of ham and bacon, pastries and baked goods but most importantly – you can actually just sit at your table and order all the ala carte breakfast dishes you can eat ~~~ without even the need to get up ~~ with a very good posh ambience. I personally would come here for breakfast even if I am not saying at Park Hyatt Saigon as this can be considered one of the best hotel breakfast I’ve enjoyed in my travels – and I’ve personally stayed in many 5-6 star hotels in my lifetime.


Click here or the picture for the videos/IG stories if you want to get a better idea about the Opera Breakfast!

Opera, Park Hyatt Saigon 2 Lam Son Square, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam

Call +84 28 3824 1234 for enquiries and reservations

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