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Ho Chi Minh: Saturday Brunch at Square One Park Hyatt Saigon


It was a pleasure to check out the signature Saturday Brunch at Square One, Park Hyatt Saigon, prepared by Chef Alexandre Durand and Chef Tran Van Son.


Square One restaurant oozes class all over ~~ A very stylish modernistic setting and different seating arrangements to suit different groups.


I especially like the light fittings in the restaurant – very beautiful design ~


Even the bar where you can taste wines looks exquisite!


There’s also an open kitchen concept – that lets you watch the chefs cook from your table – but far enough from all the steamy smoky action ~~ you won’t have to worry about walking out of the restaurant smelling like you walked out of a BBQ or kitchen ~


The Signature Saturday Brunch combines French and Vietnamese cuisine into one ~~ as I’m a fan of both cuisines ~~ I was really looking forward to this!


It’s my wife’s birthday ~ and what better way to celebrate than to have brunch at Square One, Park Hyatt Saigon?


You can choose between two packages for brunch. The Saigon Package: VND 1,330,000 per person including soft drinks, tea and coffee or the Paris Package: VND 2,030,000 per person including free flow of Champagne, cocktails, house wines, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Both will have the same food with free flow alcoholic drinks the main difference.


For brunch – you get a free flow of appetizers to choose from ~~ This is one of the six dishes you can choose – the rabbit rillettes  ~ a French style of preparing meat similar to making pate, cooked slowly in fat and then shredded. This is served with toast and rosemary ~~mmmm ~~


The seafood platter on ice makes this brunch a good value for money as you have the freshest seafood you can taste! Nha Trang Oysters, Tiger Prawns, New Zeland Mussels and Clams ~~ to be enjoyed with different sauces ~~


My wife love the prawns so much ~~ we ordered extras later!


Yeshhh!!! Extra prawns for her ~~ and more fresh oysters for me!


The Nha Trang oysters are the smaller variety – chunkier flavoursome type ~~ which I like so much ~~


I like oysters and I cannot lie ~~ keep calm and eat all the oysters ~~ hahaha ~~~


I have tasted banh cuon in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Hue but this style of Banh Cuon is seriously delicious ~~ vermicelli noodles, crisp pork belly and herbs wrapped together and dipped in fish sauce ~~


Seriously good stuff right here ~~~ easily can eat 6 of these on my own ~~ THUMBS UP!


A divine seafood pomelo salad – I really love the grilled calamari that goes so well with the mint and pomelo ~~ a very refreshing yet delicious salad!


While salads usually take the backstage to other dishes ~~ this is a a salad that can take center stage!


What is brunch without baked eggs? But you know that the chefs will be cooking up something more unique than a simple baked egg ~~ Egg Cocotte is a French style baked egg with delicious sauteed mushrooms and parsley ~


Here’s some egg porn for you ~~


The mushroom and parsley combo with the egg is gorgeous! So yummy!


Last but not least is this Vietnamese style crispy chili wings with honey fish sauce! An amazing bite! Mmmmmm how I wish I could have these while watching the World Cup ~ could easily eat 20 of these on my own!


Now I know it is tempting to eat 30 oysters, 10 banh cuon and 20 of those delicious wings but you have to save some space for the main dish and desserts! You get to select one main dish from the menu of four ~~ Braised Tiger Prawns in Claypot, Wok Fried Beef Tenderloin, Charcoal Grilled Chicken Leg or Salmon Papillote ~~


I decided to go more Vietnamese as I love a signature fish dish cooked in claypot ~~ having these prawns with rice was a lovely main course ~~~ ahhh packed with flavour!


My wife decided to go French ~~ and ordered the Salmon ~~~


Unwrapped to a strong fragrant whiff of lemons and dill ~~ omg ~~~ smells amazing!


Wife says this is one of the best baked salmon she has tasted ~~~ and I have to agree with her – simply heavenly salmon in my mouth ~~ I’ll never look at baked salmon the same way again ~~


Happy wife happy life! She’s very pleased with the salmon ~~


Now it’s time for dessert ~~ you can order coffee or tea ~~~


Coffee, Tea or me? Obviously coffee~~ haha ~ For dessert – there’s five to choose from and you can have as many of them as you like!


I was surprised to see these as it’s very similar to our kuih lenggang in Brunei ~~ these pandan crepes are filled with delicious coconut ~~




Gorgeous berry fruit salad ~~~ mmm ~~


Fondant Au chocolate ~~ baked chocolate cake with a molten lava centre ~ served with gourmet ice cream ~~ ahhh ~~


Roasted Pineapple with Lemongrass Caramel was the star dessert ~~ to be enjoyed with their in house coconut ice cream ~~ thumbs up!


All the in house sorbets and  ice cream you can eat ~~ maaann ~~~ how can I resist?


Overall – we had a really good time and we will definitely come back for this! If you have a group of friends – it might be worth it to go for the Paris package for free flow champagne and wine! That should liven up the atmosphere!


Click here or the picture to see a video/IG stories of my Saturday Brunch experience!

Saigon Package: VND 1,330,000 per person including soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Paris Package: VND 2,030,000 per person including free flow of champagne, cocktails, house wines, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

All prices are subject to 5% service charge and then 10% VAT.

Square One, Park Hyatt Saigon 2 Lam Son Square, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam

Contact Square One at or call +84 28 3520 2359 for enquiries and reservations

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