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Brunei Sungkai 2018: The Silk Road Restaurant


The Silk Road Restaurant was one of the new kids on the block last year who did very well during the ramadhan month with their sungkai buffet. This year to bring in something new for the crowd, they injected new flair by teaming up with the popular Nyamantastic, who has a good following from Belait district – to offer us their sungkai buffet for only $15 adults/$10 children.


The introduction of Nyamantastic adds a Western Fusion flair to their typical Chinese/Malay cuisine Sungkai buffet line up ~~


The Silkroad live up to its name for having a pretty oriental setup in terms of decor ~~


First up ~ the drinks station ~~ a good mix of hot and cold drinks to quench your thirst ~~


Oooo did you spot these gorgeous cendol or cincau ~~~ *MOUTH WATERING INTENSIFIES*


While restaurants serve dates usually to let your break your fast ~~ The Silk Road Restaurant offers alternatives to dates like pickled plums or dried fruits as well ~~ *mouth waters*


These snacks really hit you right at the childhood! Good memories of having these during Raya or CNY ~~ so happy to see them on the buffet ~~


Biscuit Puteng ~~ or some call the nipple biscuits ~~ what a cute name ~~ when was the last time you had these?!


Can I have these as my appetizers please? Or maybe as dessert ~ mmm ~~ super IG worthy don’t ya think?


Now let’s take a look at their other appetizers ~~ today they have assorted cucur cucur sayur, pisang and ubi ~~ classic Bruneian favourites ~~


I’m always a sucker for fried wontons and popiah ~~ mmm ~~


Mmm ~~ they have kebabs for today’s menu! SCORE!!


Sayur ulam ulam with belacan ~~


Ahhh ~ down to earth comfort food ~~ are you a telur masin and century egg fan? I’ll take both please!!


Now for the mains ~~ roast duck is their daily specials of the day ~~ mmm ~~


Their live roast duck station where they slice them for you as you order ~~


Sliced beautifully ~~ drizzle with sauce ~~ ooooh yeshh ~~


They also have lamb on their menu everyday ~~ quite good value – having lamb and roast duck on the menu for only $15? That’s a really good bargain don’t you think?!


Nyamantastic obviously has his influence on part of the main courses ~~ as you can see from these yummy beef sliders ~~~ pretty good! It’s no wonder his food is popular in Belait!


Salmon fried rice ~~ gives a pretty healthy yet delicious touch to the Silk Road Buffet ~~ a visit by the Europeans ~~~ heh heh ~~


The Silk Road is very famous for their satay last year – and this year the recipe is still the same ~~ good old fashioned yummy satays!


One simply does not walk into The Silk Road and not have some of their delicious charcoal grilled satays!


Teriyaki beef ~~ mm ~~


Quite the delightful assam curry fish ~~ mmm ~~


Spaghetti Bolognaise The Silk Road style ~~~


Umbut masak lemak ~ mmm ~~ I love these sliced heart of palm ~~ perfect!


They have a rotation of either curry noodles or laksa ~~ today it’s curry noodles ~~ woo hoo ~~



Siok la ~~~ slurpalicious goodness! Chicken Curry Mee ~~~


They will rotate their soup of the day as well ~~ this is their tom yum soup ~~


This is their sup tulang from another day ~~~ oooh yesh ~~~


Now on to desserts after all the yummy main course! Healthy fresh sliced fruits are a good way to start your dessert ~~


Or fancy jazzing up your dessert with this fruit cocktail ~~~


The Silk Road definitely adds more nostalgic value by have quite a lot of good old fashioned kueh mueh ~~


Kueh Lapis or Kuih Bingka?


The type of kueh you sit down and eat slowly while having a chat with your buddies or family ~~


Gorgeous mango pudding ~~~~


Last but not least ~~ is this bowl of bubur cha cha ~~~~ mmm ~~

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-25 at 5.54.13 PM

Overall – The Silk Road Restaurant X Nyamantastic belongs to the mid range category in terms of pricing. The food choices are very good value considering you have roast duck and also lamb daily ~ a good mix of Western flair from Nyamantastic and Chinese/Malay dishes! The Silk Road buffet will be very popular again this year and it is definitely advisable to make your bookings early!

Call 2230471 or 7145539  to make your reservations!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-25 at 5.54.13 PM (1)

An idea of the daily rotated menus ~~ Mm ~~ now which other day should I pay them a visit again?

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