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Brunei Sungkai 2018: Boat Noodle Sungkai Unlimited Noodles!

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Boat Noodle has been a popular place for Bruneians to enjoy boat noodles and Thai dishes since they opened while also wowing us with their range of Thai Milk Teas ~~ it was a pleasure to check out their Sungkai Unlimited Noodles promotion!

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First things first ~ Boat Noodle is located at Ground Floor of Little Soho at Batu Bersurat.

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When you walk in – you will be greeted with chants of SAWADEEKAP from the energetic staff ~~ ready to serve you with their yummy Thai dishes!


They also have an open kitchen concept where you can actually see them displaying their wok cooking skills ~~


Grilling skills ~~ where the grilled meat skewers and Ayam Legend is being cooked ~~


Ooo DAT Thai style omelette! Always a must order of mine ~~


Now let’s take a look at their Sungkai promotion and see what they are offering for $14.90 for adults/$9.90 for kids ~~


There will of course be dates prepared for every table ~~ to break your fast ~~


The Boat Noodle Sungkai offers you UNLIMITED noodles ~~ basically all the boat noodles you can eat  ~~~ be it 5 – 10 – 20 – 30 – 99 – yes … if you can eat that much – they will feed you with all the boat noodles you can eat! You can mix and match the type of boat noodles you want to eat ~~ according to type of noodle/sauce/meat ~~


Boat Noodle has two types of sauces for the noodles – Ayutthaya which has a rich coconuty kinda laksa like sauce ~~~ you can choose between rice or egg noodles – beef or chicken to customize to your liking ~~ I have preference for egg noodles but some prefer rice noodles ~~


Or the Pathumthani sauce which is kinda like a light shoyu sauce flavour ~~ a lighter kinda sauce ~~ choose between rice or egg noodles – beef or chicken to customize to your liking as well ~~

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Slurp the noodles up happily and stack them up for IG stories or Instagram later ~ haha ~~


Their Sungkai promotion also allows you one WOK dish per person – you have four WOK dishes to choose from ~~ first of course is this gorgeous Bangkok Omelette Rice with their lovely sauce (the sauce is simply delicious and goes very well with the omelette)


Next is the Kra Pow Chicken Rice ~~ stir fried minced chicken with chilies and herbs ~~ and enjoyed with rice and perfectly fried sunny side up egg! Ahhh my tummy is growling as I’m typing this!!


Hulk Smash Green Curry ~~ gorgeous stir fried chicken with green curry paste ~~ add a little coconut milk on the hot fiery wok ~~~ enjoyed with steamed rice ~~ mmmmmm


People might ask me why I would want more noodles from the wok if I can have unlimited boat noodles? BECAUSE IT’S PAD THAI! Thai style stir fried gorgeous rice noodles ~ this is the dish in which Gordon Ramsey was given the evil eye and schooled by the Thai chef ~~ remember that ~~ there’s always a reason to enjoy a nice plate of Pad Thai ~~ mmmm ~~~ so hard to choose between the four!


After choosing one wok dish ~~ you can choose ONE SIDE DISH ~~~ Choose either this 3 pcs Chicken Wings ~~~


Grilled chicken ball skewers ~~~


Or this yummy beef balls skewer!


Each table will also get a steamed basket of their famous Sankaya ~~ mmmm ~~~ steamed bread dipped in yummy Thai style kaya (coconut jam) ~~


The Boat Noodle Sungkai will also give you unlimited drink of the day ~~ which is bandung the day I Sunkai at Boat Noodles ~~


Of course – if you die die also must have their delicious Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea) – they are just $2.50 each! ($1 discount) W0000 H00000!!!


To be honest – I have a confession – I absolutely love their AYAM LEGEND ~~ it is a must have when I dine in at Boat Noodles ~~ sooooo even when it’s not on the Sungkai Promotion ~~ I will still side order one of this for myself ~~ sorry ~ not for sharing – you want to eat ~~ order one for yourself! HAHAHAHA!


Mango Sticky Rice ~ another dish that is not on the Sungkai Promo ~~~ but if you can’t resist ~~ you can always additional order it ~~

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Basically to sum it up ~ for $14.90 per pax – you get UNLIMITED NOODLES ~ One WOK Dish ~ One Side Dish ~ Unlimited Drink of The Day ~~ (and the option to buy their Chill Chill Milk Teas for $2.50 each). Quite a good deal don’t you think?

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Our Sungkai double date with CJ and Becky at our fav Boat Noodle place in Brunei ~~~


They also have Sahur Promotion for 9.90! So be sure to check them out too for Sahur!  It’s more like a combo set! Basically 4 bowls of Noodles, 1 wok dish and free flow of drink of the day. Sangkayaa will of course be given on the house per table! Smashing good deal man!

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Boat Noodle was full house when I dined in – so you must definitely book in advance!

Be sure to call 8973167 or 2420677 to book your seats and follow them on Instagram @boatnoodlebrunei

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