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Brunei Sungkai 2018: SCR Xpress Citis Square


SCR Xpress Citis Square is a restaurant that is located at the first floor of Citis Square, from here you can see it’s balcony section, just right above the popular cafĂ© It’s A Grind. For the past few Sungkais, SCR Xpress has established itself as one of the best value places to Sungkai in Brunei. Down to earth good food and with a variety of comfortable setting, two proper Surau for you to pray later and the location is very strategic as well, your family can go jalan jalan or a movie right after sungkai and prayers!


At only $8.88 per adult – that’s a super bargain considering the comfortable spacious setting and prime location of the restaurant! Despite the reputation of buffets at this price range notorious for not refilling constantly, I noticed that they were very quick with refilling and ensured everyone got to eat till they are satisfied!


They have both lobby and indoor seating – there’s no need to worry about feeling uncomfortable sitting at the lobby as there’s sufficient air-conditioning outside as well as fans.


Inside the restaurant gives you quite a colourful interior setting and pretty spacious as well


They have a section with comfy tall seats to give some privacy and quality time for your family, dates or meetings.


If you have young children – there’s no problem as this is a very well equipped family restaurant – baby chairs are readily available – just be sure to call in advance and let them know.


For those who like a bit more sunlight – you can sit at their balcony side and as you can see at the top left of this picture – there’s even air-cond and fans to keep you cool ~~


You don’t have to worry about the queue lines as much even though there’s outside and inside seating because they actually have two buffet lines ~~ this is to ensure maximum comfort for the diners when they are taking the food for Sungkai ~~


The outside buffet line up ~


Naturally ~ since SCR is famous for their chicken rice ~~ you will see their popular fragrant chicken rice on the menu as well as white rice for you to choose ~


SCR’s famous Singapore roasted chicken rice ~~ consider a plate of chicken rice nowadays is already $3.50 – this is a very good bargain indeed!


Enjoy with their chicken rice chili sauce and acar ~~ hu hu hu ~~


*drools* Chicken rice for sungkai anyone?


SCR rotates their menu daily so even if you come on different days – you get a different menu ~~ and get a feel of their other signature dishes ~~ this is their lemon chicken chop ~~ consider if you order lemon chicken chop rice in any restaurant – that itself can be from $4.50 to $6. But you get a buffet of different good dishes here for only $8.88!


Telur with sambal ikan bilis ~~ oooooh yesshhh!!


They have different noodles on rotation menu and I was happy to see they have spaghetti today ~~ wooo hooo ~~


My friend Hafiz commented that it actually taste like Ideal’s spaghetti!


They have petola veggie with prawns today ~~ mmmmm ~~ I know some of my friends who absolutely love stir fried petola!


Another dish I was super happy to see on the menu as well! Gulai Sayur Nangka ~~ a very heartwarming comfort food for Bruneians ~~ I think I hit the jackpot coming today! Very good selection!


Let us also look at the side dishes, desserts and drinks available ~~ what!? You mean for $8.88 – there’s main course – appetizer and desserts?! Wow there’s also soup!?? SUPER GOOD VALUE ALERT ON!


Dates are a staple must have of any Ramadhan sungkai in Brunei


Ulam Ulam for you to enjoy with their gorgeous sambal! They actually have two types of sambal today ~~


Sambal Ikan Bilis ~~


Sambal belacan ~ oooh my~~~


I can simply just enjoy belacan with timun and tomatoes just like that!


I actually also eat my chicken rice ~~ with some of the sambal too ~~ delicious maxx!!


Round 1 of our yummy SCR Xpress Sungkai!


Wash all that food down with their drinks of the day ~~ of course ~~ bandung is a must!


Then have some nice cup of tea and coffee to end your sungkai ~~


Enjoy some refreshing cut fruits ~~


Or some of their home made pudding ~~ mmm ~~


If you feel like having a treat ~~ you can side order some of their new GO4COCO coconut ice cream, puddings or shakes!


Mmmm ~~~ now this is what I call a happy ending to my meal ~~


The smile of a happy foodie ~~ Thanis vs GO4COCO ice cream ~~~




Ahhhhh ~~~ splendid ~~ splendid ~~

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-17 at 2.57.24 PM[2]

It would be difficult to find any other place in Brunei that offers such a good value Sungkai buffet, with such a comfortable setting in this central location where you can spend some quality family time shopping, jalan jalan or go for a movie after Sungkai/Terawih Prayers.


Eventhough SCR Xpress can easily fit up to 180 pax – it is highly advisable to call and prebook in advance for such a good value delicious buffet!

SCR Xpress Restaurant Citis Square

1st Floor Citis Square

Tel: 2339391 or 7180315


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