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Brunei Sungkai 2018: Kimchi Restaurant Korean BBQ Buffet


There’s nothing more delicious than to have marinated meats cooking on a BBQ but what makes it better is to enjoy them with lettuce leaves and pickled vegetables like Kimchi and some crispy Korean pancakes on the side! Every year I look forward to Kimchi restaurant All You Can Eat Korean BBQ!


It was raining cats and dogs outside and when I walked into Kimchi Restaurant – I smiled instantly – knowing I’m in good hands – I like the service here and it is a really comfortable place to enjoy hot steamy soupy kimchi stew and all you can eat BBQ! Perfect cure for a rainy day!


If you are a fan of Korean drama – you will know what is Banchan ~~ they are these yummy Korean side dishes. Step forward the famous Kimchi (Korean style pickled cabbage), marinated bean sprouts and spinach, picked shaved radish and my favourite yummy marinated sweet potatoes!


It was really cool to see kurma/dates next to these banchan~~ Koreans would be wondering --- what is this doing here ~~ but we Bruneians will be smiling when we see this new ‘banchan’ ~~


You also don’t see bandung in Korean restaurants often ~~ but it’s something special about Brunei restaurants during Ramadhan ~~


These are the things you can order in Kimchi’s all you can order menu ~~ be sure to only order what you only can eat and not waste food ~~ tick tick tick what you want and give it to the waiter/waitresses ~~


Since it was pouring outside ~~ we wasted no time in ordering the Korean soups ~~~ ahhhh ~~ just what we needed!


Ah ~~ Korean Seaweed soup ~~ not so spicy and sour ~~ just heartwarming soupy goodness ~~


Gimbaps can be really good starters to your meal – while waiting to grill your meats and veggies – I usually enjoy them with kimchi ~ mmm ~~ you can order a specific type of just mix it up according to the menu~


Naturally ~ I will order my favourite Pajeon which is crispy Korean style pancakes ~~


They are a match made in heaven with slices of kimchi ~~ mmmmmm ~~~

DSCF2380[4] (1)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Delicious combination!


Their Korean fried rice is yummy!


Or you can go for plain rice ~ or their garlic rice (which is pretty good too) ~


Black Bean Noodle or Jajangmyeon is a classic saucy noodle dish ~~


I am especially fond of the glass noodles/japchae here ~~~ can eat this on its own ~~ but even better with all the BBQ!


They have quite a selection of marinated meats for you to choose from the menu: Lamb or Beef Bulgogi (slurps), Beef Teriyaki, Sliced Beef Short ribs (did someone say ribs? nom nom!), Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Marinated Chicken and Sesame Ginger Chicken. Soo much choice!


oooo I can’t wait to cook these on the grill!


Marinated beautifully ~~ waiting to be cooked by you ~~ or someone who is cooking for you ~ haha




There’s also prawns, mussels and squid! I like how they add the butter onto your mussels for you already!!


Ahhh~~ the sizzling of the food on the hot plate ~~ priceless ~~


Remember to video and share on instagram stories ~ haha ~~


Ready to be served ~~


The best way to make these grilled food taste even better? Wrap it with the lettuce ~~~ topped it with onions, kimchi and a bit of sauce ~~ OMG ~~~ I can almost hear a Korean Drama Theme Song playing at this very moment ~~~ The Koreans really know how to enjoy their BBQ man ~~~ *stuffs lettuce wraps into mouth* Ahhhhhhh heaven ~~~ NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Why not create your own special wrap? Prawns and squid lettuce wrap? Fried rice or fried noodles lettuce wrap? Be sure to #kimchibrunei and #sungkai2018 on instagram to showcase your skills in ‘MAKAN-ing’


Grilled marinated sotong to perfection ~ how do you like my grilling skills?


mmm ~~ bbq prawns are a definite yes!


Not enough meat? Don’t worry ~~ it’s all you can eat ~~ woo hoo ~~ more more more!


I’m in Korean food drama heaven ~~~


You can also grill veggies and mushrooms ~~


As well as crab meat, fish ball, fish cake and sausages ~~~


mmmm ~~ buttered enoki mushrooms ~~~~


Even simple stuff can look gourmet if you plate it nicely ~ haha ~~


Fresh watermelon or honeydew fruits to start your dessert course ~~ refreshing finish to cool down all the heaty bbq ~~


Fruit puddings ~~


or down to earth ice cream to cool down all the BBQ ~~


My favourite Korean drama happy ending is to enjoy this bowl of Korean Patbingsu ~~ this is the happy ending I need ~~ especially after crying from all the Korean dramas I’ve been watching ~~ LOL


If you are worried you can’t finish your patbingsu – you can always request for smaller bowls like these!

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-14 at 5.36.20 PM

The Kimchi Sungkai BBQ Promotion comes at $35.90 per adult and $18.90 for children below the age of 12. Please make sure you call early to reserve your tables! Remember that there’s a $5 charge for every 200gm of wastage so please order only what you can finish.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 10.03.34 PM

Kimchi offers 20% off take away orders 11:30am to 5.30pm.


Besides the Kimchi BBQ Sungkai promotion – Kimchi is also offering a Sahur Promotion for their Shabu Shabu. Wait – there’s Shabu Shabu for Kimchi? Yes – they do! In fact, some customers usually have BBQ first and then finish with Korean style Shabu Shabu. The Sahur Promotion begins at 8:30 pm and ends at 11pm during the month of Ramadhan.


They have quite a few reasonably priced sets for Shabu Shabu on their dine in menu – such as this yummy land and sea combo!


Or you can go for other meaty and veggie sets like these ~~~ They got four different sets so do check out their dine in menu ~~ Kimchi is offering complimentary mocktail drinks, rice or noodles for Shabu Shabu sets if you dine in from 8 PM till 11:00 PM as their Sahur Promotion!


Side dishes to make your Korean Shabu Shabu even more enjoyable ~~


You can choose your type of soup – clear chicken soup, kimchi soup or seafood soup ~~


You can also order some side extras such as these ramyun or udon~~ for the promo – you can free mocktail drinks, rice and noodles for your shabu shabu


Noodles make a pretty good condiment to soak up the flavours of the delicious soup ~~


Ooooo yes ~~~ when the soup is boiling hot ~~~ that’s the best time to nom nom and slurps!!!


I like to ladle some of the soup with the cooked seafood or meat onto the rice with some extra kimchi ~~ ahhh ~~ seriously indulgent! What a good idea to have Sahur at Kimchi!


And obviously – I ordered a big bowl of Patbingsu to end my meal ~~ a #foodcrime if you don’t finish your meal with this delicious dessert!

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