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Brunei Sungkai 2018: High Frequency Ramadan Set Menu


High Frequency has been one of the hip places to go for coffee or dates, or ideal for a group of friends to catch up – while having lots of artistic creative décor for you to Instagram. In my opinion, they are considered the pioneer for the coffee and cafe scene in Brunei.

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This year – I had the pleasure of having their Ramadan Set together with Kristal FM DJs and Brunei Foodie Marul.

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My guests Jaymee and Candy ~~ excited to try out the gourmet Sungkai sets ~~~

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After so many Sungkai buffets, I definitely look forward to a nice gourmet dinner for a change. High Frequency’s management has always tried their best to source out good quality ingredients to ensure the most delicious food is served. They have two sets for you to choose – the Savour or the Lavish Set. The Savour is $28 while the Lavish is $38. Remember to take advantage of bank discounts of up to 30 percent off on certain days ~ and a potential 15 percent off daily if you go platinum!


Dates are provided for everyone of course ~~~ plump juicy dates ~~~~


Each person will then get a trio of appetizers ~ Soup of The Day in the middle – Chicken vol au vent (baked small hollow case of puff pastry filled with creamy tender chicken) on the right and sun dried tomato on top of cream cheese crostini to the left ~~ mmm ~~~ delicious bite sizes to prepare you for the main course ~~

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Now let’s take a look at the available choices of main course for the Savour set – you can pick one from these 3 as your main course.


The Poulet Cordon Bleu is basically rolled chicken stuffed with beef bacon and cheese, then coated with bread crumbs and fried. It is then served is a special creamy mushroom sauce. Oooh yes ~~*smacks lips*


This is the delicious boeuf bourguignon, a French style beef stew that takes quite a long time to make! It is served with a very delicious mash – which is actually not potato – but actually cauliflower mash/puree! I must say I enjoyed the mash very very much – and it’s less guilty than potato! Win Win!


If you are into seafood pasta ~ then you’ll enjoy their spaghetti clams vongole, with mussels and served in a crustacean sauce. A light main course for those who prefer a lighter meal~ I personally would take the chicken or the beef ~ nom nom ~~


Dessert for Savour is a classic Crème brulee ~~ a creamy custard – with caramelized burnt sugar tops

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Now – the Lavish set of three is of course more expensive by $10 but as you can see – the ingredients are more on the posh expensive side ~~ so it’s worth it if you want to splurge a little ~ You can choose one of them as your mains for the set ~~


Fettuccine pasta, served with butter baked prawns and salmon ~~ *swoons* I know this is supposed to be the lighter mains – but how can I say no to this? I love the fact that they peeled the prawn meat from the shell to make it easier to eat ~~ so you remain elegant while enjoying this dish ~~


This is their carved roast prime beef, which to me is perfectly seasoned, has a decent fatty crust from the grill! Served with rocket with roasted tomato salad and yummy sauteed potatoes! Make sure you tell them your desired doneness ~~~ I always go for medium rare ~~ oooh yes ~~ juicy steaks!


Last but not least of the three, is this gorgeous looking seafood platter! Grilled sea bass, New Zealand Mussels, Flower Prawns, baby squid ~~ well seasoned – Oh my ~~~! Aquaman’s seafood army is now ready to be destroyed by the super foodie ~~ Prepare to meet your doom Aquaman’s Army!!


Ooooooo how could you say no to Tiramisu!!! This is the dessert for the lavish set ~~

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Finish up your meal with either coffee or tea ~~~


You can rest assure that coffees at High Frequency is properly made using one of the best coffee machines ~~


Ahhhhhh ~~ ooooh my latte ~~

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They also have a Junior set for $15 that I feel can be a nice meal for those who don’t eat very much ~~ they will get a soup of the day as appetizer ~~ then you pick from two mains ~~


You can choose from this gorgeous UK style fish and chips ~~ *WARNING = VERY TEMPTING TO STEAL FROM YOUR KIDS – PLEASE CONTROL YOURSELF ADULTS!*


Or these cute looking double beef sliders with chips ~~~


Vanilla Haagen Dasz with chocolate sauce for dessert ~~ mmmm ~~~


Junior set ~~ choose either coffee, tea or sodas ~~~ mmm ~~


Of course ~~~ if you don’t order their Ramadan sets ~~ there’s plenty of other great signatures at High Frequency ~ namely this Blue Cheese Prawn slider ~~ Oooh Laaaa Laaaa ~~


We also checked out this Maple seared salmon ~~ which has a lovely maple fragrant to it ~~ perfectly cooked ~~~ *drools*


Mmmm ~~ grilled chicken and waffles anyone??


Always a fan of their mentaiko fries~~~


We certainly enjoyed our gourmet sungkai at High Frequency in such a comfortable relaxed setting where you don’t need to queue or line up at the buffet table – and being served your food and drinks – it’s a very different feel! If that’s what you are looking for ~~ do check out High Frequency’s Sungkai Set Promotion! You should call to reserve in advance as they do have limited seats!

HF Ramadan 2018 Set MenuHF Ramadan 2018 JuniorSet

High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe

1st Floor, Unit 5, Blk B Sempurna Complex, Batu Bersurat, Brunei

Call 242 8262 to reserve.

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