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Brunei Sungkai 2018: Caffe Bene Ramadhan Promotion Combo


It was a pleasure to try out the Ramadhan Combo sets from popular Korean Caffe Bene, which is a popular place to chillax and enjoy coffee. But we all know Caffe Bene is more than just a place for having coffee. They actually have a great selection of hot food and desserts to match with their signature coffees!

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If you don’t like the thrill from the scramble and hustle of buffet lines ~ then perhaps having one of Caffe Bene’s combo sets might suit you ~~  the hip relaxing ambience will also suit your preference for some cosy dining.

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Naturally the sets come with dates to break your fast ~~ now lets take a look at the combos ~~


Who says you can’t eat alone for Sungkai!? The Single Bene Combo let’s you pick either Bolognese, Korean Jjajangmyeon/Aglio Oglio/Chicken Baked Rice – then 1 regular sized drink and a scoop of gelato flavour of your choice!  Basically pasta or rice, with a drink and ice cream as dessert. A meal you can enjoy on your own – then continue on to do your work at the cafe.


I was happy to see Korean Jjajangmyeon on the menu ~~ drools ~~~


Amirul’s favourite of the day: chicken baked rice ~~  cheesy goodness!


You just gotta do the stringy cheese shot!


This was Fiqah’s favourite ~ the aglio olio with chicken wing ~~~


For the duo combo – instead of gelato – you can a single size Bingsu (any flavor) to share with your food partner in crime ~~ or maybe just take everything for yourself! Basically you get to choose two pastas/rice from the list, two hot or cold regular sized drinks and a single sized Bingsu for only $25!


You also get to pick two gourmet pasta or rice – similar to the Single Set – but you can choose the carbonara and lasagna (which is not available for the single sets)


Ooooh my luscious looking lasagna ~~ come to papa ~~~


You get to pick two drinks as stated on the promotion ~~ it can be iced to soothe your thirst from a whole day of fasting ~~


Or something hot ~~ if you are silently craving for some good old fashioned hot cappuccino!


Now for the family combo ~~ this is the combo where you can will get this double sized Bingsu (Fiqah happily modelling with the huge bingsu) ~~you pick two pasta/rice from the list ~~ three regular sized drinks ~~ a plate of chicken wings ~~~ one toasties (I LOVE THE TOASTIES!) flavour of your choice ~~ for only $45! That’s a really good deal if you ask me!


I really enjoy the toasties at Caffe Bene ~~ a pretty good toasted sandwich ~~mmmmm ~~


A plate of grilled wings to share ~~ oooh yeshhh ~~


Mmmm ~ what to choose from the three drinks ~~ maybe an iced matcha latte ~~


Of course – its always a pleasure to see the Double Sized Bingsu ~~ *swooons* but please do share with the family ~~ even though it seems tempting to have it all for yourself!


If you share this with two other friends ~~ it’s only $15 per person! What a bargain!


So what are you waiting for? Pop by to Caffe Bene to try out their combo deals! Don’t worry – they have a combo set to suit everyone’s cravings!

Caffe Bene is located at the back of Airport Mall (right next to the SKH supermarket)

Since space is limited – it is highly advisable to call ahead to make reservations or if you want to book your favourite spot in the cafe!

Call 2340836 for reservations and enquiries!

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