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KFC Brunei launches the Nacho Cheezy Crunch!


When I saw the teaser trailer for the KFC Nacho Cheezy Crunch I had a real craving to try this out immediately! The idea of looking tough and fierce on the outside but actually tender and juicy on the inside is always a winning formula especially when it comes to delicious fried chicken! I was super excited to get a bite of these!!


With the tagline “Get the crunch!” the Nacho Cheezy Crunch is definitely going to give you that crunchy bite ~~ my initial thoughts when I see was to assume these were corn flakes but they are actually nacho tortilla pieces! What an excellent idea to coat chicken with nachos to give that extra crunch!


To add to that crispy crunch ~~ you drizzle or dip these with Jalapeno cheese sauce for the ultimate indulgence and enjoyment! OMG!




Mmmm ~ you crunchy piece of delicious goodness ~~ lemme drench you in Jalapeno Cheese sauce ~~~  Needless to say ~ I was very happy when I sunk my teeth into this ~~ delicious!


“The rise in global consumers preferring gourmet premium food served in a quick and easy fashion has inspired KFC Brunei to create this product. Other than the spicy flavour, adding cheese sauce to side dishes has been an increasing trend amongst Bruneians and I’m sure this new product is going to be a hit!”


You can savour this delicious Nacho cheesy crunch in a wholesome combo from just $7.50, inclusive of signature KFC Coleslaw, whipped potato and a soft drink ~~

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If you want the 3-pc combo ~ it will be $9.80 ~~ mmmm ~~ yes please!!

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By the way ~~ be sure to check out the new Bucket Kongsi which is super good value for money ~~ 9 piece combo for 30.90 or the 5 piece combo for $18.50!


Be sure to tapao some for your colleagues or family to share the joy of the Nacho Cheezy Crunch! They will be available in all branches until stocks last ~~ grab them before they run out!

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