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After seeing the awesome pictures of KFC featuring best of chicken and the best of pizza, The KFC Chizza.  on social media in KFC in other countries, I was awaiting the moment this would arrive in Brunei. The wait is finally over! KFC Chizza is now in BRUNEI!!!! w000 h000!!!


I was super excited to be invited along with members of the media to have a sneak preview of the Chizza at the lovely Kiulap Branch.


Other members of the media getting ready to get a taste!


A perfect mashup of crowd favourites – crunchy KFC Hot & Spicy chicken fillet and popular Pizza toppings, the KFC Chizza is truly befitting its tagline of a “Finger Lickin’ Good Pizza”. With rich tomato pizza sauce, juicy diced pineapples, onions, herbs and gooey mozzarella cheese topped over the ultimate crust of a succulent KFC Hot and spicy Chicken fillet, it is the perfect ’pizza’ that will leave no crust behind.

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“We are in constant pursuit to bring something exciting and crave-worthy to our customers. While staying true to our core of fried chicken, KFC Chizza is an innovative twist that is a must try for both KFC and Pizza fans,” said Jaymee Lau, from the marketing dept of KFC Brunei. “This Finger Lickin’ Good pizza is indulgent and will set tongues alight. It’s a collaboration of the best of two popular foods. Toppings are everyone’s favourite when it comes to pizza, and with an alternative crust of the favourite KFC Hot & Spicy chicken fillet, it is certainly a must try!” she added.


Ziqah posing with the KFC Chizza ~~~


Starting from BND 3.60, KFC Chizza is available a la carte ~~ mmmmm ~~~~


The Chizza Combo Meal comes with a KFC Crispier Fries and a regular carbonated drink for $4.80


For those who want to get the ultimate combo ~~ the Chizza Box is available with a piece of Original Recipe or Hot & Spicy chicken, KFC Crispier Fries and a regular carbonated drink for only $7.


Gotta love these Chizza takeaway boxes!


Mmm ~~ looks like its time for a Chizza Party!!!


KFC Brunei also has the Crispy herb prawns as 5 pc ala carte for BND 3.10 only. Ooooh yeshhh!!! 


Or you can have them together with the 5-pc Bucket combo for only $18.90! The KFC Holiday Bucket!


KFC Holiday is also giving a Hot Air Balloon Ride for the family in Putrajaya ~~ just follow the instructions here for a chance to win this holiday experience!


Oh be sure to grab these limited edition KFC Recycle Bags! $1.50 each but they will be $1.00 if you buy a KFC Holiday Bucket!


Comes in three fancy designs!


Fiqah rocking it with the KFC Recycle Bag ~~


The Chizza will be available in all KFC outlets but be sure to grab one before they run out ~~ knowing the true foodie power of Bruneians ~~ ATTACK THE CHIZZA!!!

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