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Let’s celebrate with KFC’s Golden Egg Crunch!

With Brunei’s love for salted yolk, KFC is going to rock Brunei with a touch of gold onto their menu through a latest recipe: the KFC Golden Egg Crunch. This limited time special is set to elevate customers dining experience this festive season, featuring crave-worthy flavour of salted egg with KFC’s signature spicy crispy fried chicken!



I quite love the previous Salted Yolk recipe from KFC so I really looked forward to it when I was invited along with the media to check out the Golden Egg Crunch, especially since I’m a big fan of the salted yolk craze which has been one of Brunei’s long lasting food craze!


The KFC Golden Egg Crunch is made from tender juicy chicken marinated in Hot & Spicy mix and fried to perfection, then fused with the golden ingredient- salted egg, together with curry leaves and sweet basil for a good kick of flavours while adding a mouth-watering aroma. The fusion between the rich, savoury and spicy ingredients with the crunchiness of KFC fried chicken makes for a scrumptious meal!


“The appeal to this unique creation lies in the harmonious blend between salted egg, curry leaves and sweet basil that elevates our fried chicken into a delicious indulgence. These are some of the essentials in every Asian kitchen and we are excited that we can unwrap a creation with the flavours that we have grown, loved and obsessed with. It is a taste that you can’t resist,” said Mr Ooi, General Manager of KFC Brunei.


What I felt different this time was the extra spicy kick and fragrance of the herbs (curry leaves and sweet basil) that seemed to balance the richness of the yolks. A very good combination in addition to the crunchiness of the chicken! *drools*


I recommend iced milo to wash down the spicy rich salted yolk goodness ~~~ ahhhhh yeshhhh ~~~~


Jaymee is all smiles as she poses excitedly with the Golden Egg Crunch before the epic moment of munching onto that delicious crunchy drumstick!


KFC Golden Egg Crunch is available in 2-piece and 3-piece chicken combo meals. Priced from BND 7.00, each combo meal comes with signature KFC sides of coleslaw and whipped potato, and a refreshing cup of carbonated drink.

QSR 2400286_001_CT_MenuLightBox_LF_Combo_DigitalNonHD_R2

A 2 piece combo or 3 piece combo ~~ mmm decisions decisions – enjoyed with your favourite coleslaw, whipped potato and carbonated drink!

DSCF8855 (Medium)

Remember to add on one of their delicious vanilla puddings for only $1.60 if you buy the Golden Egg Crunch combo meal! It comes in Salted Caramel, Mango Peach and our local favourite Gula Melaka – which will be a happy ending to your awesome salted yolk crunchy chicken goodness!

DSCF8859 (Medium)

Alin, President of Ukum is probably wondering which flavour of Vanilla Pudding to choose ~~ ahhh decisions!!

QSR 2400341-001 CelebrationBucket_DigitalNonHD_PM-KV-HE-Highway

In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, KFC is also launching the Celebration Bucket, perfect for sharing during the festivities. The KFC Celebration Bucket comes in 5-piece and 9-piece chicken combo that includes signature side of whipped potato, the new Cheezy Golden Sticks and carbonated soft drinks.


“Specially created for families to share and enjoy, KFC Celebration Bucket features the new KFC Cheezy Golden Sticks with shrimp and mushroom bits. We believe that this will be a surprising yet satisfying addition to family’s gathering especially during this festive season,” he added.


Want to send some love? Be sure to tapao for your family or your colleagues ~~ that look on their faces when they receive this ~~ priceless!


KFC Golden Egg Crunch and KFC Celebration Bucket are available nationwide at all KFC restaurants from 25 January 2018, while stocks last – better grab them soon before it runs out!

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