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Tasek Brasserie: Incredible India Food Promotion

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Indian food has a long history and culture so it is very exciting to be invited to try out their Incredible India Buffet Promotion! Radisson Hotel Brunei has invited chefs from Radisson Blu New Delhi, India to showcase Indian signature dishes for Bruneians to get a taste of authentic Indian cuisine! The Incredible India Buffet Promotion is available from 27 October to 5 November 2017!


You will get a feel of India theme decor and of course ~~ Bollywood posters ~~ can you recognise the posters?


The staff Indian theme costume is cool as well ~~ be sure to take some pics with them ~ haha ~


From my chat with some of the Indian guests at the buffet, they were pleased with the Indian buffet and told me that the cooking is very authentic.

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My wife is my date for the night ~~ like me ~ she tried a bit of almost everything ~~ biting portions to get a taste of Incredible India!


For starters – there’s a mix of Indian influenced spiced up salads and your usual fresh western salads ~~


There’s of course a DIY salad station and cheese station if you like to do it your way ~


It’s the first time I seen these type of papadums in Brunei and I like them very much!


There’s also these special rice crackers too ~~


You enjoy them with the special dhall station ~ freshly cooked and customized to your taste ~~ want it extra spicy? Let the chef know and he will bump up the heat!


This is really yummy! My wife ordered the extra hot one! hahaha ~~


This is something new to me ~~ Tomato Basil Ka Shorba ~~ an Indian style thin soup ~~~ very refreshing clear soup!


Cherry Tomato Pundeena Pulav – Basmati rice cooked with mint and cherry tomatoes ~~ milder tasting basmati rice to soak up all the creamy sauces ~~ mmm ~~


Zaffrani Mugh Briyani ~~ Basmati rice with chicken and saffron ~~ really yum ~~


You can enjoy the briyani with Raita ~~ a classic briyani yoghurt dip ~~


Or Mirch Ka Salan ~~ a traditional gravy enjoyed with briyani rice ~~ personally I like both the briyanis ~~ really different from the ones we have in Brunei ~~ much less greasy and fluffier ~~


Dum Ka Murgh ~~ gorgeous chicken in a rich nuts and yoghurt gravy ~ mmm ~~~


Surq Macchi ~~ Fish in Tomato Gravy ~~~


Dal Makhani – This is one of the delicious vegetarian curries ~~ black lentils cooked overnight till soft ~~ then finished with butter and cream ~~ very very good!


Paneer Do Piyaza ~~ lovely Indian style cottage cheese in spiced onion gravy ~~


Rajma Raseela ~~ North Indian style Kidney Bean stew ~~~ ooooh yeshhh ~~


Kathal Stew ~~ I’m surprised to see young jackfruit in Indian cuisine! This one is cooked with onion tomato gravy ~~~


Of course ~~ how can you say no to prawn masala ~~~ drools ~~


Gohst Korma ~~ brown onion and cashew gravy mutton ~~ ATTACK!!!


They also have a Western section to give you a diverse option or if other friends or family members prefer something different ~~ here’s their soup of the day ~ Cream of Cauliflower soup ~~


Classic Penne Pasta ~~


Slow cooked tender beef stew ~~~


Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese gratin ~~~ yummmss ~~


Mussels in cream sauce ~~


Outside you can see their freshly made Naan in action!


Ooooh yes ~~ freshly made Naan ~~


Next to it ~~ are pots of Indian grilled meats and corn patties!


Seriously one of the best Indian grilled chicken I’ve tasted ~~ perfectly seasoned and juicy! Zaffrani Murgh Tikka ~~ chicken with saffron ~~ dish of the night for me ~~


Ajwaini Fish Tikka ~~ marinated spiced fish grilled Indian style ~


Grilled Paneer ~~ mmmm ~~~ flavoured with spices ~~


Spiced Indian corn fritters are pretty good too ~~


There’s also a special stall outside that mix and matches different ingredients into a bowl to form kinda like a rojak but more to the savoury spiced side ~~


Really unique and something I haven’t tried before ~~ perhaps I need to visit India some day to try more ~~ I realized how much I can learn from Indian cuisine ~~


Om nom nom nom nom ~~~


Round two ~~ haha ~~ obviously I eat more than my wife ~~~  I like to mix up different combinations ~~ sos banjir ~ or flooding the rice with sauces ~~~


Wash all that down with some nice Chai tea ~~


For desserts ~~ they have Indian Kulfi! I have to admit – I’ve tried Kulfi (Indian style Ice Cream) in some Indian restaurants in Brunei before ~ but none as unique as this ~~ crushed pistachios, rice vermicelli in syrup ~~


Next to the Kulfi is another Indian dessert ~~ fried till crispy like crackers then drizzled with sticky syrup ~~ crunchy goodness ~~


Let’s try some other desserts from the Western corner ~~ their signature cakes, puddings and creme caramel are always crowd pleasers ~~


Of course ~ an Indian buffet is never complete without their desserts ~~ here’s the classic Gulab Jamun

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This is an ultra interesting Indian dessert that I’ve tried for the first time in Radisson! Sheer Kurma which is actually rice vermicelli pudding with dried fruits!  Quite yummy actually and by the end of the night the whole pot was empty!


Gulab Ki Kheer ~~ rose petals pudding ~~~


Anjeer Ka Meetha ~ dried rigs in sugar syrup ~~


Rasmalai ~~ Indian Rich Cheese Cake dumplings with saffron soaked milk ~~


Besan Laddu ~ sweet balls made of flour, ghee and nuts ~ a bit like kueh mor ~ but slightly more dense and spiced ~


Kaju Katli – cashew nuts and sugar sweets ~~


Balu Shahi ~~ deep fried dumplings soaked in saffron flavoured syrup ~~ my wife enjoys these!


I came on the 2nd night but it was full house! So far the reviews from the other guests have been very positive about the buffet ~~ I think it would be very popular for the duration of this buffet!

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There’s also free henna drawings if you dine in at Radisson’s Incredible India Buffet! The kids enjoyed their henna art very much!


Henna Paradise indeed! Be sure to get your henna tattoo here while enjoying the buffet!


Happy family enjoying the Indian food!


This boy looks like Eddie Huang from Fresh Off The Boat series! So Cute!!


The Incredible India Buffet is $35 nett per adult and $17 nett per children ~~  For further information or to make a table reservation or bank card discounts, please call 2244272 ext 8872 or email

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