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Miri Restaurants: Meritz Hotel Fortune Chinese Restaurant


The Meritz Hotel is strategically connected to the Bintang Mall, one of the most popular shopping malls in Miri and the Hotel actually has quite a few restaurants, meeting room and ball room to accommodate big functions.


I had the pleasure of checking out their Modern Chinese restaurant called the Fortune – quite a beautiful place!


They have an open bar where you can see them make your drinks ~~ impressive ~~


They have two special sections if you want more privacy ~~


This VIP room for two tables is quite tempting ~ ~ as it comes equipped with a karaoke room!


Quite a posh looking Karaoke room ~~ I could see myself having a small gathering here and having karaoke dinner!


Now let’s check out the food they have at The Fortune Modern Chinese Restaurant ~~ with more than 150 Oriental dishes to choose from ~~ you can always ask them to recommend their signature dishes ~~


I have to say I love their teapot ~~ so atas la ~~


For starters, we ordered thick seafood soup (you can choose between fish maw or fish lips) to share ~~~


We quite enjoyed the soup – consistency and seasoning is spot on and the textural contrast of the ingredients were pretty good.


The manager introduced us these delicious salted yolk mushrooms – shimeji mushrooms – dusted with seasoned flour – deep fried and then tossed in a special salted yolk sauce! We loved this very much and wished we ordered a bigger portion instead of the small tasting portion!


Another recommendation was this stone bowl chicken which is actually a Korean inspired dish ~~ sweet and sour crispy chicken, served with vegetables, cheese and sauce on a piping hot stone bowl sizzling all the way for you to enjoy ~~ yummers! This dish plays with your five senses – as you can see and hear the sizzling, feel the heat and smell the fragrance ~~~ of course the taste will be heightened!


Remember to IG story or boomerang this yummy dish!


For prawns – we opted for a classic nestum prawns ~~ lovely cereal coated prawns that gives it a slight pleasant crunchy texture.


This is the Hong Kong style crispy noodles with seafood ~~ pretty good as well though we would had preferred for the noodles to be separated from the sauce (crispier)


Nevertheless – the noodles absorbed the sauce pretty well ~~ drools ~~


This wasn’t the prettiest dish but it was very tasty ~~ deep fried crispy eggplant stuffed with meat ~~ then tossed with sauce ~~


We loved how crispy the eggplant tasted and complements well with the sauce ~~ we would definitely order this dish again if we come here.


The salt and pepper Japanese tofu is really cute as it’s cut into smaller cubes but quite delicious with just simple salt and pepper – mind you – this is not an easy dish to cook as you can easily destroy these soft pieces of tofu into a thousand pieces – like how your ex girlfriend breaks your heart ~ but the chef’s skill can be seen here ~ very delicate ~~


Last but not least – are these salted yolk crispy squid rings ~~ we love salted yolk don’t we?! Perfectly cooked and lovely texture!


For me – I feel the Fortune is one of the underrated restaurants in Miri and I am genuinely surprised such a beautiful place with good food is not packed with people during the weekend. I would recommend you check out this place if you are in Miri. Pricing is reasonable as well – what you see on the menu is around RM216 including the tea and service charge.

Fortune Modern Chinese Dining

Level 7, Meritz Hotel, Bintang Mall

Opens: 11:30am-2:00pm ; 6:00pm-10:00pm

Call 085-417 888 for reservations and enquiries.

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