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Miri Restaurants: Chill and Relax Cafe Bistro


Chill and Relax Cafe Bistro or most people call them Chillax for short is one of the popular places that people recommend to me for dinner and drinks! When I checked out the place – it was full house but luckily for me – I made reservations with them before arriving so I got a nice table.


As you can see – seats right until outside also full of people when I dropped by during the weekend.


View from the upper floor ~~ pretty chill ~~


The bar was busy the whole night ~~ making drinks for the full house guests!


There was a band (pretty good and really fits the chillax theme) at around 9pm when we were enjoying the food and drinks.


Good to meet up with our friend Janice, Yien and Sabrina in Miri to enjoy some food with a couple of drinks! Chillax has got quite an extensive menu comprising of Western, Asian and Local dishes! You might actually spend quite a long time looking through their menu if this is your first time here!


Let’s begin with their appertizers. This is one of their signature items and also seasonal. Umai is one of the popular traditional dish in Sarawak and is a good introduction to local indigenous cuisine. I was quite happy to see this on their menu and it was refreshingly good. This will definitely be good to enjoy with a couple of drinks!


The marinated and grilled lamb cubes are another good to share dish that is unique to Chillax. I quite like the bite sized rosemary herbed lamb cubes while having a beer. A crowd pleaser.


You seriously can’t go wrong with fried calamari fritters ~~~ and a gorgeous side of Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise!


The best way to enjoy fried food ~~ is to dip them in mayonnaise  like this ~~ mmmm ~~


Good plate of grilled BBQ wings to share ~~ they also have deep fried wings on the menu ~~


We also enjoy their grilled scallops with mentaiko sauce ~~ yummers!


Another true blue Sarawak dish is this stir fried bee hoon with mani chai (cangkok manis) and ikan bilis/pusu ~~ comfort food! I like how there’s a good mix of local delicacies and Western food! The staff recommended their char kway teow as well but we already ordered too much! Maybe next time!


Their belacan for the steamed ladies fingers is good! Quite a kick ~~ but we got iced cold beers to drink so don’t worry about how hot it is!


If you are super hungry – you can order their mixed grill which comes with chicken chop, lamb chops, sausages and crispy battered fish fillet – and three of their in house made sauces!


hubba hubba ~~ paint me like one of your sexy French girls ~~ *looks like the lamb chop is trying to entice me* They also have pastas and pizzas which I’ve seen other patrons ~~ mmm I’ll definitely give their pizzas a try next trip!


They have quite a lot of cocktails for the ladies to check out ~~~ but a simple Mojito is a classic ~


Or go for something unique like their Watermelon Mojito! Pretty refreshing ~~


Sabby having a sip ~~


For ladies who want a stronger kick – order a Mojito 60 or Mojito 80 ~~~ meaning stronger alcohol content ~~ we liked the Mojito 80 (80 percent alcohol) very much ~


They stock quite a few imported beers ~~~ such as this lovely Hoegaarden Rosee ~~~


I’m more of a draft beer kinda guy ~~ beers here are pretty reasonably priced!


I can understand why Chillax is pretty popular especially during the weekends as they offer quite a bit of everything for everyone thanks to their extensive diverse menu and the prices are very reasonable for both food and drinks making them a really value for money establishment. Couple that with friendly staff and a lively ambience around Chillax ~ it makes you wanna come back here regularly!

Chill and Relax Cafe Bistro

Lot 2085, Jalan MS 1/1, Marina Square 1, Marina Parkcity, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Opens daily 11pm – 1am

Call +60 85-321 535 for table reservations

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