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Let’s face it. We Bruneians love our cheese and KFC has always been good with their limited edition Cheese Series. So when they invited me to check out their unique cheesy breakthrough: Keju 3 Rasa. I was really intrigue! Masakan tiga rasa – reminds me of Ketam Tiga Rasa which is stir fried crabs with a sour spicy sauce – and to combine that with cheese? ooooh myy!! Mouth is watering already! Can’t wait to sink my teeth onto these babies!



The ‘triplelicious’ flavourof Keju 3 Rasa stems from a delightful combination of Cheddar cheese, paprika, parsley and lime creating a unique layering of flavours,all at once. Raising the bar for cheese enthusiasts, KFC Keju 3 Rasa promises a new cheese adventure that will arouse the senses and satisfy the palate, no matter the preference.



“KFC’s cheese series has always been a great hit. As an innovative food brand, we are eager to discover and create new flavours that will wow our customers. Today, we are thrilled to bring you a cheesy, spicy and zesty affair; the first and only three-flavoured cheese sauce to be paired with our finger lickin’ good chicken,” said Jaymee Lau, KFC Brunei marketing.



“With Ramadan just around the corner, we hope that this new offering from KFC Brunei will add to the excitement during buka puasa with your loved ones. We hope KFC can also play a role this Ramadan to bring more people together for a Finger Lickin’ Good time. The Keju 3 Rasa we created uniquely for that reason to satisfy varied taste preferences,” she said. (Thank you Jaymee for being the hand model!)



KFC Keju 3 Rasa is available in 2-piece and 5-piece combo meals. The 2-piece combo comes with two pieces of Hot & Spicy chicken, two Spicy Tangy Cheezy sauce, coleslaw, choice of Colonel Rice or whipped potato and the SJORA Mango Peach drink, a premium refreshing beverage ideal for breaking fast.



Meanwhile, the 5-piece combo offers five pieces of Hot & Spicy chicken and five Spicy Tangy Cheezy sauce with a side of large whipped potato and two SJORA Mango peach drinks. Customers may also opt for the Original Recipe chicken to go with their combo.



You can choose to pour the sauce on the crispy KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken real good with the Cheesy Spicy Tangy sauce ~~~~~



Ooooh goood till the last last drop ~~~ ooh did I mention I love the fragrance of the Colonel rice here? Yum!



or you can just dip the chicken onto the sauce like how I’m doing here! I like how the sauce is so thick that it doesn’t drip! ooooh yes!!



Be sure to take advantage of KFC’s delivery service and get these gorgeous triplicious cheesy goodness right at your doorstep!



Naturally I like to plate my KFC at home nicely ~~~ Personally I love the thick cheesy richness of the sauce and it’s well balanced with the tangy spicy flavours of lime and paprika!



SJORA Mango peach ~~ mmmm ~~ that should wash down all the cheesy goodness easily!



Of course ~~~ don’t forget to have some dessert after all that!



Oooo I just can’t resist this! Salted Caramel with a good dose of quality chopped nuts! #dessertporn



The KFC Keju 3 Rasa is available nationwide at all KFC restaurants from today – and of course pop by soon before they ran out!

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