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Tasek Brasserie: Amazing Thailand Buffet

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Being a big fan of Thai food and having eaten around Bangkok – I was excited when Radisson Hotel decided to fly over chefs from Radisson Blu Bangkok to come over and cook for their buffet spread! You know that means all the tom yams and different types of Thai style curries you can eat! But of course – this will be a chance to savour as much Thai food as possible. Considering Thai restaurants are pretty popular nowadays in Brunei and they are kinda pricey ~ it’s good to be able to enjoy a wide variety of Thai food at a classy comfortable setting!



One thing you love about Radisson Theme buffets is that they always make an extra effort to liven up the place! I really love the umbrellas hanging on the ceilings! You will also hear soothing Thai music in the background while you are enjoying the food!



Most of the food stations are well decorated to give you a lovely feel of Thailand!




Gotta love that cute tuk tuk outside Tasek Brasserie for you to take selfies with!



Sawadeekap~~ Welcome to Amazing Thailand Buffet ~~



They actually have these beautiful orchids on every table!



These attention to detail is sure to enhance your dining experience ~~



You can see they go the extra mile when they dressed up in traditional Thai attire ! Be sure to take a picture with them!



Chef Somboon and Chef Nawachol came all the way to Brunei from the Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok just to let us get a taste of Thailand! *DROOLS*


DSCF6333 (2)

The basket that the chef was carrying was actually my fav dish of the night! Miang Kham is a traditional snack from Thailand!


DSCF6409 (2)

The name "miang kham" translates to "one bite wrap", from miang and kham. The blend of toasted coconut and peanut, ginger,, peanut, lime and chili, wrapped with fresh betel nut leaves and drizzled with a secret sweet sour tamarind sauce is an amazing combo of flavours exploding in one bite!



Luckily the chefs have done all the hard work for you and wrapped them nicely for you to enjoy ~ YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE SAUCE! That is a vital component of this dish and it is soooo goood! I think I had more than 10 of these myself. LOL.



Let us look at more of the yummy dishes for the night ~~~ be sure not to miss out their salads section ~ especially the Thai style salads!



Yum Nua Yang is their spicy grilled beef salad which I quite like ~~ grilled just to the right texture and flavour was just right!



mmmm anyone for some good old fashioned Thai Tanghoon Salad?



Who can say no to Gai Hor Bai Toey ~~ our fav Pandan chicken!



Of course – if you have a craving for some other types of salads ~ there will be some lovely pasta, potato and cous cous salad to satisfy your tastebuds.



Of course ~~ they have a salad station for those who love to make their own DIY salads~~ with lots of ingredients and sauces to jazz it up!



Some people love to start their meal with seafood ~~ I have to say those are huge fat juicy prawns! Mighty popular with the crowd ~~



While dining ~~ we were served these refreshing rice paper spring rolls ~~ yum!



Now let’s get to business! *drools* All the Thai style hot dishes you can eat!



Hello hello ~~ everyone’s favourite Thai seafood soup ~~ Tom Yam Gong ~~~ my mouth is watering as I’m typing this!



For something milder they serve Thai style tofu soup for those that can’t take the heat~



Pla Noung Manow (steamed sea bass with spicy lime sauce) ~~ I always like to eat Thai style fish ~~ their sauces tend to go so well with fish!



Another luxurious Thai seafood dish ~~ prawns, mussels and cashews married with a lovely Thai Chili paste! Phad Nam Prik Pow!



YESH!! Massaman Beef and Potatoes curry ~~~



Thai Red Panang Curry Chicken ~~~ ooo Aroi Mak Mak ~~~



mmmm Green Curry Prawns and Eggplant!



Mussels mussels in a rich spicy sauce!!



Keep calm and take all the Thai curries ~~ w000000000000000000000!!



To make your mum happy ~ be sure to grab some veggies ~~ must eat balance diet ok? Don’t be like Thanis ~~ LOL



Of course – A Thai Buffet wouldn’t be a true Thai buffet without Som Tom ~~ Green Papaya Salad!



This is one of their LIVE stations as to ensure this dish is served to you fresh ~ the good thing about being LIVE is that you can communicate how spicy and how pungent you want the som tom to be! Let them know and they will cater to your taste buds!



By the poolside ~ they have banana fritters and also Thai Red Ruby (iced dessert) live stations!



ooo hubba hubba ~~



My favourite station is of course the Pad Thai station ~~ stir fried rice noodles in tamarind sauce! Yummers!



oooh yes ~~



Thank you chef for showing me how to cook Pad Thai! Hahaha ~~~ actually I already learned it from a Thai chef before and even posted how to cook in my blog before *oiii Thanis – don’t show off can or not?*



You can add your own seasonings – crushed nuts, chili flakes, lime and fish sauce to adjust the seasoning to your liking ~~ the fish sauce is quite salty so don’t add too much!



Now’s the time for DESSERT ~~ I usually like to start with some cheese ~~ and you notice they got some yummy pickled fruits and veggies next to them ~~ mmm



Beautifully presented dessert corner ~~ a good mix of international and Thai desserts ~~



Glutinous Rice dessert ~~



Thai dessert made with glutinous rice flour kueh stuffed with toasted coconut with palm sugar ~~



More assorted Thai style kuih that you can see at Bangkok night markets!







Fans of Thai style creamy desserts will love these two ~~ ooooh yesh please! Soo good!



International desserts and cakes to complement the Thai desserts who are of course the stars of the night ~~



They also have refreshing Thai drinks for side order if you are interested *not included in the buffet* Thai Iced Lemon Tea, Thai Iced Green Milk Tea with Pearls, and the interesting Coco Hula Hula!




Buffet dinner is priced at B$35net per adult and B$17net per child.

For further information or to make a table reservation or bank card discounts, please call 2244272 ext 8872 or email

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