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Brunei Sungkai 2017: I Lotus Sungkai Buffet


I Lotus Restaurant has been serving their annual Ramadhan buffet for the past 14 years and they are still popular after all these years and has built quite a loyal following especially their live stations! The restaurant has a strong Chinese Thai influenced cuisine and this year’s Sungkai buffet welcomes their Thai street food and main courses!


The indoor seating is air conditioned for your utmost comfort and you are encouraged to book earlier to get these seats as I Lotus buffets are usually packed during Ramadhan!


Of course for those who want that extra privacy ~~ call early to book the VIP table ~~ gotta love the number 88!


As I Lotus Sungkai buffets are very popular ~ you might not be able to get a seat indoors but no worries – they have another section with sufficient cooling to keep you comfortable and you are near all the live stations! Win win ~~ cos you’re nearer to all the food!


Despite the large amount of tables,  I Lotus can be fully booked so be sure to call ahead to make reservations!


Of course, since we are going to eat quite a lot of seafood - eating with hands is certainly more fun ~~ there's always conveniently placed sink for you to wash your hands conveniently ~~

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They have a special room for Terawih Prayers as well. Be sure to check with staff who will direct you to the room.


I Lotus's live teppanyaki style hot plate grilled section is always my reason for enjoying their sungkai buffets! This is the reason why I-Lotus Sungkai Buffets are so popular in Brunei throughout the years ~~ the manager told me the availability of seafood is rotational daily and they have been sourcing them from local fishermen every morning to keep up with the demand as well as to ensure the freshest seafood is available for you to pick! Mmm ~~ crabs, fish, stingray, prawns, clams, mussels, bamboo clams and even lamb (during weekdays – on weekends they serve them at the main course buffet line) ~~ sometimes they will have slipper lobsters if there’s stock from the fish markets. Just my luck ~~ they happen to have sliper lobsters tonight! woo hooo ~~ I even notice some eggs ~~ *drools*


Green Mussels ~~


One of my fav Stingray fresh from the market ~ *drools* where’s the sambal please?


First time I’ve seen bamboo clams this year ~ another fav of mine ~~ this is of course subject to availability from the fish market.


Squid rings ~~



Two more different type of clams ~~


The Brunei Blue Prawns ~~


Crabs crabs crabs!!! Pick your crabs ~~~


We were lucky to see slipper lobster on the menu today ~~ these are subject to availability of course from the fish market ~~ I Lotus will try their best to source these out as much as possible but I understand these are subjected to weather conditions and fisherman’s catch.


So this is just a refresher course on how to order your teppanyaki seafood or lamb ~ on your table ~~ there are wooden pegs with your table number written on it ~~ be sure to bring that along with you before you take your fresh meats and seafood ~~ Ohh they provide free flow of bandung and also dates for you to break your fast ~~


Take these wooden pegs with you before you take your seafood from the freezer ~~


Clip them on your plates like this so they will know which table it belongs to and will deliver to your table once cooked!


You take your plate of fresh seafood or meat - then go to the grilling section and choose your sauce to your preference. Like Sambal Sauce for Stingray, Mongolian or BBQ sauce for Lamb ~~ some people actually combine the sauces by putting two cards!


Someone obviously loves slipper lobsters and wants it cooked with sambal sauce!


You can combine your seafood into one plate as you wish ~~~


Wow! Someone is very smart in picking his crabs!! LOOK AT THAT CRAB EGG! *DROOLS* CAN I STEAL THIS?! #jealous


Mmmm ~~ this foodie obviously loves their shellfish combo!


Lamb with bbq sauce ~ mmm ~~ although I love mine with Mongolian sauce ~~ Note that Lamb will be available for teppanyaki only on weekdays – they will include lamb on the main course buffet line during weekends as lamb takes a longer time to cook. This is to speed up the teppanyaki line to ensure everyone gets their food as soon as possible. Win win situation for us ~~


You put the plate on the table right in front of the chefs who will work all night long to satisfy your teppanyaki pleasures ~~ hee hee hee ~~


I really like to hear the clanging and sizzling of teppanyaki!


Thanks Chef! Now usually you don't need to grab it from the chef - the staff will deliver it to your table by using the wooden pegs ~~ a very good system!


It is indeed a pleasant sight when they bring your lovely grilled seafood to your table ~~ remember to Instagram them! hahaha ~~'


Oh My Stingray with sambal ~ w000 ~~ no need to go to Kuala Lurah to have my Sambal Stingray cravings!!


*cough* Can you say no to this? #seafoodporn


Something new this year ~~~ DAT bamboo clam! *DROOLS*


The shellfish combo from just now ~~ mmmm ~~~


Lamb Lamb Lamb ~~~~ (only on week days as mentioned – weekends will be cooked as main dish in buffet line)


This table will always be in my memory as the most epic table ~ they can really eat! hahaha ~~


Now I Lotus Sungkai buffet is not just about the Teppanyaki Live station -- they also have plenty of hot food and appetizers inside and outside buffet style ~~ the menu is rotational and you should call to ask what they have on the night ~~ I’ll show you what they had on Saturday ~~


Quite a big turnout that night ~~~


Stir fried bee hoon with fried ikan bilis toppings ~~


Stir fried mixed veggies ~~


Mushroom chicken and tofu ~~~


Stir fried veggies with chicken slices ~~


Luscious chicken curry


Stir fried ginger fish ~~


They have lamb on their main course buffet line as it’s a weekend. These are really yummy!


After checking out the maincourses, let’s have a look at their Lok Lok Station ~~~ where you can have skewers of food – that you cook then dip with sauces.


This year – they decided to use induction cookers to ensure safety to replace the gas stoves last year – which is a good idea and gives everyone a peace of mind.


Take your skewers and cook them but remember to come collect them ~ lol ~


Take your favourite dips to enjoy with the lok lok here ~~


Mmm ~ doesn’t that look good?


Drizzle the sauces on your skewers ~~~


or dip dip like this  ~~~~ Mmm ~~~


Something new this year is their charcoal takoyaki ~~


This new takoyaki is enjoyed with flame torched cheese and drizzled with wasabi mayo ~~


Ooooooo yeshhh ~~~~~ I really love these and I admit to having 5 of those myself!


Original Takoyaki ~~~


These Thai style mini crepes were very popular last year! It’s pretty cool to watch her make them! This is a popular street food in Thailand but you don't need to fly to Bangkok to taste them ~~~


The charcoal version of these Thai style mini crepes are something new ~~~


Be sure to check them out this year at I Lotus Sungkai Buffet!

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 10.05.25 AM

Be sure to not miss their fried fritters corner as well ~~ I admit I’m a sucker for cucur cucur ~~ another one of my fav stations lol ~~


Another live station to check out is the Noodles station where you can choose your type of noodles, toppings such as fish ball or beef balls.


They also have a rojak station for those who love them ~~~


Made to order ~~~


Enjoy your rojak ~~~~


They have sotong and kankung rojak too ~~~ choose what you like ~~~


Thai style salads are also a feature of I Lotus Buffets ~~ they are rotational menu and it depends on which day you visit ~~ today I have Laab Gai ~~ a popular minced chicken Thai salad ~~


Mouth Watering Somtum ~~ Thai Green Papaya salad ~~~ *droools*


Thai style fresh spring rolls with dipping sauce ~~~


Their chef Jackson showed me a new Thai snack in their menu ~~ with chicken and peanuts ~~~ yum!


Wash that all down with their freshly made soya bean and also teh tarik ~~~ Ahhhh I really love their Soya Bean ~~ my drink of choice when I have my sungkai buffet here ~~


Now for dessert ~~ we will always look forward to the famous Thai style popsicles usually seen in Thailand  night markets!


Quite a few flavours to choose from so be sure to ask the staff to recommend what flavours are available for the night!


When you see these - you know there's ABC ~~~ AIS KACANG!! What I love about Ilotus is that they have nata de coco and also the red rubies that are popular in Thai desserts!


I love how they have choices for Coconut Milk, Ideal Milk, Gula Melaka and Rose Syrup to create your ultimate ice kacang or ABC ~~


After putting all your favourite ingredients ~~ Add some gula melaka first ~~~


Then finish with coconut milk/santan ~~ wooooooooooooooooooo omg omg ~~~


Now that is some serious #dessertporn right there!


If you just want cendol on its own ~~~ you can also just scoop from this big bowl of cendol ~~


I Lotus’s dessert section also features a mix of Thai and Malay Kuih ~~~


I personally would go for these first ~~ creamy delicious goodness!


Thai style desserts are a unique spread at I Lotus ~~~


These Thai desserts are simply tooo pretty to eat ~~~ Some might even think they are decorations but they are Luk Chup, mung bean paste dessert shaped to look like colourful fruits!


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-27 at 11.28.50 PM

For Sahur Buffet – you get the Teppanyaki Station and also Steam Boat buffet with the addition of something new this year ~~~ BOAT NOODLES!

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-27 at 11.28.29 PMWhatsApp Image 2017-05-27 at 11.28.14 PM

Knowing I Lotus has a strong Thai influence ~ you would not be surprised to see Thai Boat Noodles on their menu ~~ but this is only available for Sahur ~~ all the boat noodles you can eat!

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-25 at 3.36.32 PM

Here’s the promotional poster for I Lotus Sungkai and Sahur Promotions!

The I Lotus Sungkai Buffet is priced at $23.80 per adult and $15.80 per child. Below are the card promotions you can use to get discounts.

-All SCB card holders entitled 35% discount everyday weekends every Friday to Sunday during Ramadhan (2 to 4 June, 9 to 11 June, 16 to 18 June and 23 to 25 June)

Standard Chartered Credit and Debit cardholders who spend a minimum of BND50 in a single receipt for dine-in only apply to Sungkai and Sahur at ILotus Restaurant will be eligible for a 35% discount  per cardholder per visit.

-All Baiduri Bank card holders entitled 30% discount everyday. 1 card per 1 receipt per day. No minimum spending but not exceed spending $166 per receipt (maximum discount 50$). Only for Sungkai dine in.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 1.25.10 PM

Here’s a brochure for I Lotus Catering services for Hari Raya so you can do your planning early!

I-Lotus Restaurant

No 20,Spg 12-26

Kampung Rimba

Call 2422466/2440171/8714222 to make your reservations!

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