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KFC Value Treats! Eating on a budget at KFC!


Do you know that you can have a nice meal at KFC on a budget? A quick complete delicious meal for just a mere $2 to $3! Let me intro you some of the cheap eats of KFC!



I went to the Lambak Kiri branch of KFC and was pleasantly surprised to see their second floor! Quite spacious and they even have a kids section!



This daddy was enjoying his KFC meal while watching his little one playing at the kids corner ~~ awww ~~ father son play time ~~~



Pretty spacious to chill with family and friends!



The other side of the 2nd floor of KFC Lambak Kiri Branch ~~


DSCF4395 (2)

On to the food! Introducing KFC VALUE TREATS! If you haven’t check these out before – the top two are only $2 and the bottom two are $3 each! Let’s have a look shall we?



This is the $2 Salsa Roller ~~ crispy fried boneless chicken strip with vegetables and salsa ~~ good quick and  light meal!



The Zinger Slider is a little bro version of your favourite Zinger burger but is perfect if you want it on the side ~~ only $2!



on to the more filling meals ~~ $3 Loaded Potato is actually quite popular! For those who love the KFC whipped potato ~~ this one comes with corn and fried chicken pieces!!!



Would you have a look at that! Mmmmm ~~~ whipped potato with some cheesy sauce and chicken bites!



The other $3 is the Shoyuken Rice Bowl ~~~



To be honest ~~ when I see Shoyuken ~ this is the first thing that came to my mind! HAHAHAHA!



This is really a meal that suits my taste – it has what I like ~~ fragrant rice, fried chicken bites, cucumber and tomatoes ~~ with a lovely teriyaki sauce! To be honest – it’s cheaper than a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice ~ LOL


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-16 at 8.32.51 PM

I like to just pour it out and enjoy on the plate ~~ so worth it la ~~ $3 for a rice meal! (Taken using my phone) . Taste wise – the teriyaki sauce goes so well with the fragrant rice with the vegetables which adds good textural contrast to the meal. Considering that most rice and chicken dishes in the food court costs $4.50 to $6 – this is a bargain!



Besides the Value Deals ~~ KFC also has their JIMAT Boxes (Value Saving Boxes) ranging from $4.50 to $7.50. This set is only $4.50 – Kentucky Fried Chicken, A Salsa Roller, KFC signature fries and drink!



Love Zinger? Here’s a good set for you to consider ~~



This set is $7.50 – you get Zinger with crispy fries and fried chicken and a drink ~~~ can share this meal with your friend or have them all for yourself! HAHAHAHA


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-16 at 8.33.15 PM

Good Value for $7.50!



Ahhh ~~ refreshing Sjora mango peach juice to wash all that down ~~~



For dessert ~~ We had KFC Salted Caramelicious Vanilla Ice Cream! *DROOLS* It’ more to the sweeter side but I really like the nuts in this ~~~ easily can finish this for myself!

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