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Brunei Restaurants: Ah Mit Delicacy


Recently, there's a new restaurant that just opened and serves pretty good Nasi Lemak. Pandan rice with gorgeous spicy sambal and fried chicken. i can say it's one of the better Nasi Lemak out there and I'm happy it's located around Tanjung Bunut area! *note* It has now moved to a more strategic location in Kiulap!



The restaurant belongs to a friend of mine Leslie, whose grandmother was famous for making Nyonya Kuih and Nasi Lemak and he has learned the recipe that was passed down to his aunt.



A write-up from Brunei Times last year with a picture of the famous Ah Mit, Leslie’s grandmother.



Nyonya Kuih and Kelupis ~~




Quite spicy and the rice is more on the softer side ~~



It's still on the soft opening stage - so their menu is very limited ~~ fried noodles and kway teow is on the menu but might take some time ~~ they also have fried curry popiah and prawn fritters so be sure to try those too.



Curry potatoes spring rolls ~~~ yum!


WhatsApp-Image-20160524 (1)

Chinese style prawn fritters ~~

WhatsApp-Image-20160524 (2)

Gotta love the greens ~~~~



Ah Mit's Delicacy Cafe

No.5, Block A, Ground Flr, Hau Man Yong Complex, Kiulap


223 0304


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