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Brunei Restaurants: Delicious Nasi Lemak around Tanjung Bunut


Recently, there's a new restaurant that just opened and serves pretty good Nasi Lemak. Pandan rice with gorgeous spicy sambal and fried chicken. i can say it's one of the better Nasi Lemak out there and I'm happy it's located around Tanjung Bunut area!



The restaurant belongs to a friend of mine Leslie, whose grandmother was famous for making Nyonya Kuih and Nasi Lemak and he has learned the recipe that was passed down to his aunt.



Nyonya Kuih and Kelupis ~~




Quite spicy and the rice is more on the softer side ~~



It's still on the soft opening stage - so their menu is very limited ~~ fried noodles and kway teow is on the menu but might take some time ~~ they also have fried curry popiah and prawn fritters so be sure to try those too.



Curry potatoes spring rolls ~~~ yum!


WhatsApp-Image-20160524 (1)

Chinese style prawn fritters ~~

WhatsApp-Image-20160524 (2)

Gotta love the greens ~~~~



Here's how to get to the restaurant - drive past starbucks Tanjung bunut -- as soon as you drive pass spg 1266 - be ready to turn in or you will need to make two Uturns to get back.




Ah Mit's Delicacy Cafe

no.7 spg 1236, Tanjung Bunut, BF2920

Tel: 2672023


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