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Brunei's Coffee Scene: Roasted Sip Coffee Roasters


When I came back from Melbourne more than ten years ago,  I never expected Brunei to grow so much in the coffee scene. Fast forward the time and we now a few coffee roasters in Brunei already! The latest coffee roaster to the scene is Roasted Sip Coffee Roasters! It was indeed a pleasure to be invited to a sneak preview of what to expect from this newkid on the block.


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Needless to say - it was pretty fun to check out the different yummy coffee drinks from Roasted Sip. Photo from Zul



We got to check out their roasting room as well ~~ gotta love how gorgeous the coffee roaster looks! *drools*



The man behind Roasted Sip showcases his passion for good quality roasted coffee beans and entertained us for the night.



Gorgeous sexy red coffee machine ~~ you are serious with your coffee when you invest so much on your machines! La Marzocco! Ooooh la la ~~~



Framed pictures of coffee culture hanging on the brick walls feels like a coffee museum. Quite a lovely ambience



There's quite a good selection of coffees on their menu as well ~~ here's a glimpse of what to expect ~~



A look at their cold drinks ~~ their creamy cold brew or regular cold brew -- with the lovely roasted sip signature iced mocha in the middle ~~ The iced RS mocha comes recommended if you love the lovely aroma of cocoa with your coffee - not too sweet ~~ just right!



or you could have it hot ~~~ I didn't manage to get a good photo of their RS Mocha ~~ but Mary loves this one the most ~~ perfect if you like to mix Milo and Kopi-O -- but this one of course more ATAS and yummier ~~~



The vintage cappucino is also an interesting coffee drink ~~ I had vivid memories of something similar in Taipei ~~ which is kinda like a creme brulee style latte/cappuccino. I'm pleasantly surprised to see this at Roasted Sip!



Flame torching your cappuccino ~~ now that's something you don't see everyday ~~



For those with a sweeth tooth ~~ you must try their Toffee Latte ~~ it is not overly sweet but it does adds a certain pleasant sweetness that goes well with the coffee.



If you like your coffees strong with a little bit of milk for creaminess ~~ grab this Cortado Latte - a double shot of espresso coffee in a smaller glass like this ~~ *packs a punch ~~ and will give you the caffeine boost* Warning -- seriously for the strong coffee lovers  ~~~ n00b coffee drinkers please don't embarass yourselves ~~ hahah ~~



The Jelatte is quite the creation as well ~~~ a combo of coffee jelly and iced latte ~~ this jelatte is very refreshing and will be a big hit! Move over Cincau ~~ coffee jelly is more hipster than you ~~~



This one seriously looks like one of those HP/MP potions from your fav RPG games ~~ feeling low on energy? Grab one of these!




You can have drip coffee too ~~ hurray ~~~



Gotta love having coffee with friends ~~~ chilling and catching up ~~



You can also buy a bag of their fresh roasted coffee beans home ~~~ using your own coffee machines, filter coffees or aeropress ~~~



Their main focus is coffee ~ but if you want some food to match with the coffees ~~ there's cakes, croissants and danish pastries ~~



oh my salted yolk croissants ~~~ *DROOLS*



Green tea cakes ~~



Say hi to their baristas ~~~ ready to make your coffee dreams come true ~~ or wake you up from your dreams with their coffee ~~~


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Once again ~~ thanks Roasted Sip Coffee Roasters for having us over - and giving me a sleepless night after consuming so many cups of coffee!! I look forward to coming back here and as a coffee lover I'll give my two thumbs up to their coffee! *pic by Zul*



They are pretty easy to find ~~ just right opposite the famous GK Restaurant in Jerudong! They open this Saturday from 9am onwards! Say hello to them for me!

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