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KFC launches Twisters with two exciting flavours!

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KFC Brunei adds a delicious twist to your day with the all-new signature KFC Twister! Two special flavours: the Hot & Zesty Twister and the Cheezy Twister from only BND 3.00 alacarte!



Made fresh in stores, the KFC Twister is packed with my fav crunchy Zinger strips, crisp lettuce, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, all wrapped in a toasted tortilla. Choose from the special chili-lime sauce in the Hot & Zesty Twister, or the creamy jalapeño cheese and mayo in the Cheezy Twister! You can have them ala carte or in combo set!


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"Our fans have spoken and the KFC Twister is back by popular demand. This product delivers 100% authentic, signature KFC flavors in a portable format that can be enjoyed on-the-go.” said Jaymee Lau, KFC Marketing. 



This is the creamy jalapeño cheese and mayo Cheezy Twister ~~ oooh la la. This one has only a slight spicy kick but oh gawd I love anything with such cheesy goodness!!!



Check out that special chili-lime sauce in the Hot & Zesty Twister! It has a really good zesty tang to it ~~ a good balance!



“Fans will be hard-pressed to choose between the two popular flavours: Hot & Zesty Twister that features spicy and lime hints, and the Cheezy Twister with the unmistakable KFC signature cheese. That's why we also offer a Double Twister Combo for those who want both Twisters,” she added. comes with fries and a drink!



I'll have to say ~~ I can eat two of those myself! *DROOLS*



Addition of KFC fries is of course a big big plus!!  ~~ mmmm ~~



I like their sjora smooth flavour fusion drink which goes well to wash down those yummy twisters!


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The KFC Twister is available ala carte or in combo meals. The basic Twister Combo offers a choice of either Hot & Zesty Twister or the Cheezy Twister, while the Double Twister Combo offers both Twisters, so you can have it all. All combo meals come with KFC Crispier Fries and a carbonated drink.



Btw ~~ we also got to try their Barbaloi Bucket (which I learned that Berbaloi means value!) - comes with Cheese Wedges, Whipped Potatoes and two drinks ~~~ good to share with friends and family!



Hide these from the kids ~~ because you want them all for YOURSELF! HAHAHAHAHAH!




Stay tuned for my upcoming posts where I'll reveal Breakfast items coming soon to KFC! Now here's a picture of coffee as an ode to breakfast!

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