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Brunei Restaurants: Pan & Wok expands to four branches!


Pan & Wok burst into the scenes last year with an innovative idea - creative delicious freshly packed takeaways that saves time yet does not compromise in terms of quality. It was an amazing concept yet many wonder whether this would work in Brunei. Fast forward to today - Pan & Wok is one of the most successful startup food businesses in Brunei winning more and more Bruneians with calls for them to open more outlets to further serve the demand.



The pan & wok slogan ~ Freshly Made, Hearty Food ~~~



If you haven't been to Pan & Wok - perhaps now is a good time to check them out - basically they have beautifully packed food that is ready for you to just take, pay and go ~~ no more sitting around in crowded restaurants and waiting for your food. You can just come and make your selections, then eat at home or in your office. The tapao concept but you don't need to wait!



Personally I am a big fan of their packaging! You might think that Pan & Wok is actually an international franchise but it's not! It's actually made in Brunei! Even these adorable cute designs on their packaging are done here in Brunei by a local design company! Talk about born and bred in Brunei! I think they definitely have potential to go international! One of these days, we might see them overseas!



It's fun and you might actually take some time to pick what you wanna eat! No worries - I'll give you an idea of what sort of food to expect from pan & wok - I'll have to say though - there's so much choice and they are very creative in terms of coming up with new menus!



Freshly made sandwiches from their sandwich corner ~~ they have quite a lot of varieties so just pick whichever that suits your taste!



Picture from their FB page for a clearer picture of these lovely sandwiches! We tried out their Chicken Avocado Sandwich which uses chargrilled chicken with herbs, avocadoes, mixed greens and cream cheese mayo ~~ they also have a honey roasted chicken version of this! I really enjoyed their Curry Chutney Chicken, curry chicken, cucumbers, mixed greens and a delicious apple chutney to marry the flavours together! Highly recommended!


If sandwiches aren't your thing ~~ how about wraps!? An easy to eat on the go tasty flat bread filled with yummy ingredients ~~



Can you believe they have a duck meat wrap!? This is the Hoisin duck wrap; roasted duck, with mixed greens, cucumber and onions married together with a lovely sweet tangy hoisin sauce! Yummers! Note that we slice them so that we could share - but if you are having one for yourself ~~ just eat it without slicing ~~ yummm!



They say the Chicken Paprika Wrap is one of their hot sellers and I can understand why! Chargrilled chicken and red capsicum, mixed greens, onions with their signature paprika dressing. That's a good combo right there! They also have Honey Roasted Chicken Wrap which are honey roasted chicken with mixed greens, roasted capsicum and onions with their home made BBQ Cream Cheese Mayo! Oooh la la!




If you have the time, you can also order their toasties ~~ this here is their Smoked Salmon Cheese toastie ~~~ toasted smoked salmon with melted gooey cheese ~~ yeshhhh!!!



They also have takeaway soups! We really enjoy their cream of mushroom soup but of course there's a few others we haven't gotten to try yet!



Cream of Brocolli anyone? *pic taken from their FB page*



Now let's have a look at their main boxes shall we!? It was quite exciting to see them all laid out on one table ~~ *drools*



So we can do our obligatory pose with the spread! HAHAHAHA! You can tapao a lot and do this shot yourselves too for office or family gathering!



This is a beautifully done Asian influenced salad that is packed with proteins! Who says you can't do an Asian style healthy salad! Protein Goji Salad - with cajun grilled chicken, egg omelette, grilled tofu, goji with red rice, mixed greens served with a roasted garlic dressing! *drools*



ALAMAK! Chicken and prawns with rice noodles!! YES YES!! I'm sold! Their Chicken Pad Thai Noodle Salad is basically chargrilled chicken with prawns, mixed greens, chopped nuts and served with a chili lime dressing!



This is another powerhouse packed with nutrients salad! Chicken Avocado Salad; chargrilled chicken with your fav avocadoes, mixed greens with tomatoes, dried cranberry and nuts -- served with roasted garlic dressing! Your doctor would be pleased that you have this for lunch ~ healthy and delicious!



This one is more hipster ~~ healthy quinoa salad ~~ heart healthy superfood quinoa with mixed greens, feta cheese, dried cranberries, olives, onions, nuts with cumin dressing!  Ultra healthy combo that will make your heart smile!



Last but not least ~~ is another one of my favs ~~ STEAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK~~~ Steak and Roasted Veggies salad; gorgeous sliced seasoned beef steak, mixed greens, roasted eggplants, potatoes, mushrooms and sweet corn with a South Western dressing to marry it all together! Oooooh yesshhh!!!




If you want a good combination of carbs and proteins in a smaller portion - look out for thier quinoa rice pots ~~ basically a mixture of Quinoa and red rice with yummy toppings to enjoy them with! This is their Salmon Kimchi Quinoa Rice Pot; lovely salmon, egg and kimchi! Mmmmm!!!



Salmon lover? Look no further than this baby! Fresh Salmon patties with a signature creamy sauce ~~ ooooh yeshhh ~~~ what a great combo with the quinoa and red rice!



This one took us by surprise as we didn't expect to see some Indian influence in their dishes! Here's the Chicken Tikka Masala Quinoa Rice Pot ~~ creamy gorgeous chicken with spices! Really good!



When you tapao for your colleagues - confirm you will have one of them that wants straight up comfort food and don't want salads ~~~ they have this spaghetti and meatballs ~~ down to earth delicious goodness!



Just mix it up ~~ and enjoy ~~ hubba hubba ~~~ who can say no to spaghetti and meatballs!? Oh btw - they got lasagnas as well! *drools*



There's some of us that must have rice for every meal ~~ but no worries ~~ pan & wok has that covered with their selection of packed rice boxes!



Gorgeous Buffalo Chicken, chicken pieces cooked in their secret recipe - Hot Buffalo style sauce!



Dreamy Thai style chicken cooked in their signature Thai style sauce ~~ so good la this one!!!



Japanese influenced lunch box! Yakitori beef; Beef rolls filled with vegetables in Chef's Special Yakitori sauce served with Japanese Rice! Itadakimasuuu!!



Comfort food again! Coconut Chicken ~~ chicken cooked in spices and coconut sauce ~~ haiya ~~ how to resist this?!!



Besides all that, they also serve a variety of drinks, pastries and tarts at the counter ~~ This is taken at their Delima branch.



Lovely puddings that are sooooooo yummy texture wise! Give them a try!



I highly recommend these brownie bars -- this is a secret recipe that will satisfy all your chocolate cravings ~~ I was skeptical at first but these are really good! Thumbs up to these!



If you are after something lighter and guilt free - check out their Emperor's Gem which is silken tofu fa made from black soy beans!



Enjoy it with some ginger gula melaka ~~ or sugar syrup of your choice ~~



They also have creme brulee ~ and melted chocolate pots ~~ that you can order to go!



Don't forget to try out their signature flavoured tarts! They are pretty yummy and so cute don't you think!?



Anyone want a big fat cookie?! Mmmmm ~~~ this is from the counter right next to the chicken pies and quiches ~~



Their mushroom quiches and chicken pies are gorgeous!! They are usually sold out pretty quick so grab some if you see them especially the quiche!



You can order hot coffee and tea at the counter but they also serve these great tasting juices ~~



Organic Apple Beetroot Ginger juice? You can't get more hipster than that! Hahahahah!



They have snack bars, nuts and rice bites at the counter too ~~ so be sure to check these out!



Impressed with pan & wok? Wished there's one near where you live or work? Now let me give you the address to all their current four branches! Of course we wished they would open up more especially in Bandar and Kiulap or even in Tutong, Belait Temburong districts but that's something to look forward to in the near future!


Pan & Wok OutletsPan & Wok Outlets -
1. Ground floor, The Airport Mall (next to Gong Cha) | 234-2826
2. Centrepoint Hotel Lobby, Gadong | 242-2335
3. Delima (next to Gong Cha Delima) |2342399

4. Tj. Bunut (next to DST, TAIB or Hua Ho Bunut) |2663766

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