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KFC launches limited edition Cheezy Mushroom Crunch!


KFC has been launching a lot of unique cheesy creations but this one takes it up a notch by combining mushrooms and cheese sauce to create the Cheezy Mushroom Crunch!



The Cheezy Mushroom range also includes the burger ~~ Crispy boneless chicken only made better with a cheezy mushroom sauce! OMG!




I was at the Kiulap branch of KFC and realized they rennovated the branch to sport a more modern dining ambience. I think this is a good step to make dining more enjoyable at KFC.



This is a big change from the bright colours of your typical KFC branch – and gives a modern cafe feel to it ~~



So if you feel like having KFC but your date complains that she wants some place more fancy for coffee or tea ~~ take her to the KFC Kiulap branch ~~ where she can even take some nice OOTD selfies ~



Ahhhh who could say no to iced milo ~~~



Brunei’s KFC outlets are of course HALAL certified!



Reasons to love KFC ~~



Now back to business ~~~ this is the cheezy mushroom crunch 2 pc combo set (chopping board not included – just for photoshoot purposes) – you get your two piece crispy KFC and the cheezy mushroom sauce on the side, with coleslaw and whipped potato, and soft drink for $7.50*



The fun part comes when you pour the cheezy mushroom sauce on the crispy crunchy KFC! Ooo MAMAAAAMIA!!!



Flow flow ~~~ let all the cheezy mushroom lava bath your crispy crunchy fried chicken!! *OMG OMG*



Or if you feel atas or posh ~~~ you could just dip your chicken on to the sauce ~~~ there are many ways to enjoy this yummy cheezy mushrooomy goodness ~~~~ Btw – if you order ala carte (one piece) – it will be $3 for each piece of chicken.



This is perfect for takeaway as well ~~ as the sauce is separate ~ you can drizzle or dip when you want ~~~



You can do your own photoshoot at home if you want by arranging your KFC Cheezy Mushroom Crunch like this!



The Cheezy Mushroom burger is a great addition ~~ most love mushrooms in their burgers ~~ having it in a cheezy sauce just makes it better! The combo is $6.20 with fries and soft drink ~~



If you already order fried chicken and just want the burger ala carte ~~ it’s $5 for one ~~~ *drools*



So what are you waiting for? Drop by your nearest KFC to have a bite of that Cheezy Mushroom Crunch or Burger! Om nom nom nom nom!!

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