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Brunei Hidden Gems: Nasi Briyani Katok!


When fellow Brunei Foodie Marul sent a picture of this Nasi Briyani Katok to our foodies group chat ~~ I was quite excited to check it out! The usual $1 Nasi Katok consist of plain rice, a choice of sambal and fried chicken. In Brunei, we had already witnessed Nasi Katok Buttermilk Chicken or Nasi Katok Sambal Cheese as well as Nasi Katok Lily (using grilled chicken) which offers extra value for your $1! Nasi Briyani Katok basically gives the added value of substituting plain rice with Nasi Briyani – a fragrant yellow rice with spices – usually found in Indian restaurants.



To find this place was pretty easy ~~ it is at the small lorong right opposite HSBC bandar and next to Wisma Jaya (AIA building) – this lorong is called Lorong Jintan Manis – you can walk to this lorong from Wisma Jaya or HSBC building but you need to drive from the street opposite the bus station – look out for Lorong Jintan Manis and turn in (do not turn towards the waterfront direction – turn towards HSBC building) – you will spot Nur Muhammed Enterprise (next to Pustaka Waqiah) and spot the Nasi Briyani Katok sign!




YUM! You can choose your chicken like your typical nasi katok ~~~



I personally think the rice taste pretty good even on its own and enhances the nasi katok experience ~ the sambal while being slightly sweet ~~ does have a little spicy kick to it ~ though it won’t be enough to satisfy those who love hot sambals ~~



You can see herbs added to the nasi briyani ~~ a legit nasi briyani ~~ the only complain I would give is that its not entirely basmati rice ~~ more like a mixture or some sorts but hey ~ it’s $1 and it tastes good ~~~ so it’s all good my dear Nasi Briyani Katok ~~



For just $1 – I give this Nasi Briyani Katok the thumbs up and I’ll be asking my friends who work in Bandar to tapao from me after they finish work ~~ hu hu hu ~~ according to the lady who works there-  they open from 7am till 6pm.



Grab your Nasi briyani Katok fix at ~~

IG: @nasibriyanikatok

Lorong Jintan Manis

Whatsapp: +6738648138

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