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Brunei Restaurants: Ceri Cafe’s new branch at Gadong Central and introduces breakfast menu

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Ceri Cafe has been a popular restaurant for being a great place for food and ambience in both their branches in Delima and Kiulap. Recently they opened a new branch in a popular area Gadong Central which is good news to people who work near the area. They also launched a new breakfast menu to cater to the breakfast crowd.



Ceri Cafe is located just next to the famous Lao Di Fang restaurant and same row as KFC.



The cafe sports a classic kopitiam feel with marble table tops and of course comfortably air conditioned. I went over to Ceri Cafe with Karen Then to try out the food ~~



Comfortable spacious restaurant as you can see ~~~ now let’s move on to their breakfast menu ~~ There’s quite a few value for money sets to order but ala carte is pretty affordable too.



I was of course excited to try out the food as I’m a big breakfast kinda person ~~~~



First of all, this toast set is pretty affordable $3.20 ~ roti kahwin with really good home made pandan kaya, two hardboiled eggs and coffee ~~ in an air conditioned cafe? What a steal!



None of those store bought kaya here ~~ freshly made in Brunei!



French toast with honey and butter ~~ and a side of kaya? Ooooo yeshhh please!



The owner was telling me the name of this toast is actually just Roti Atas – basically toast with an egg on top ~~ a quick easy way to start your day



Some people just want an egg toast sandwich ~~ whichever you prefer ~~~ Ceri cafe has it ~~~ I like how the egg’s are cooked just right ~~



The nestum toast is something that you rarely see for breakfast. A lovely creation if you love the fragrance of Nestum ~~



There are some who love bread for breakfast ~~ while some prefer rice in the morning ~~ no matter how heavy the meal is!



The Nasi Lemak from Ceri Cafe is highly recommended by me. The fragrant pandan rice ~ ~ two gorgeous sambals (inclusive of sambal tahai OMG YES) and fried chicken is seriously goood! Double thumbs up from me! Karen was fighting with me for this actually!!



They also have a pretty good Nasi Goreng Kampong ~~ with a spicy peppery kick to wake you up! Some might not call this breakfast but I’m all for this in the morning!



If rice is too heavy ~~ perhaps a simple heartwarming porridge with salted yolks would be a lighter delicious alternative ~~~



They even got these deliciously down to earth Brunei favourites; Nasi Pulut for only 50 cents ~~~ I usually must have two of these at least!



So simple ~~ yet so irresistible! Don’t you agree? Give me two packs please!



Oooo this is bound to make a lot of people drool ~~ another local favourite Tumpi with curry is available here too for breakfast!



If you have friends with you ~~ order a cucur pisang madu to share ~~~ great with coffee or milo for breakfast!




Another group of breakfast people prefer noodles in the morning ~~ and of course Ceri has that covered ~~ here’s their signature kolomee ~~~ mmmm chicken and fish cakes ~~



or a lovely plate of wok fried char kway teow ~~~ maaannn ~~ so much choice!!



if you want your friends to be very jealous ~~ have this Nyonya Curry Laksa for breakfast and snap a pic to send your work colleagues ~~ *warning – if your colleagues kill you ~~ please don’t blame me ~~*



People might think Laksa is heavy for breakfast but people in Kuching have cury laksa for breakfast often ~~~ come on ~~ give in to your cravings ~~ they have these all day long btw ~~ so you can come for lunch as well!



Speaking of lunch ~~ Ceri Cafe is very famous in Brunei for their Honey Lamb rice ~~ this dish is one of their top sellers and I decided to try it ~~ and yes ~~ my lamb loving friend Marul should give this a try some day!



Another dish that I really like was this Shanghai Chicken Chop ~~ the chicken chop has a good crispy crust and tender moist meat ~~ with this peppery sweet sour sauce that goes so well together with the chicken! Karen absolutely loved this one!



That was such a satisfying breakfast and thank god Karen was there to help me finish the food ~~ sometimes I wonder how she is so thin but can enjoy food so much! Overall you have so much choice in terms of different types of breakfast items ranging from toast to rice and noodles as well as local favourite snacks! There’s definitely something for everyone ~~~ and the best part is ~~ reasonable prices in a comfortable ambience!  Drop by Ceri Cafe Gadong Central Branch for breakfast next time!


Ceri Cafe Gadong Central Branch

Opens 7:30am till 9:30pm

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