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Brunei Cafes: Rack & Brew


Rack & Brew Boutique Café is the first of its kind in Brunei to combine a fashion boutique and café. A nice place for great food, coffee and shop at the same time.



Dilys Chai and her family have been thinking about the idea of combining a boutique and café for some time, since her family runs restaurants and have a boutique. Why not combine two of life’s greatest pleasures? Shopping and Eating ~~



It was indeed a pleasure for Brunei Foodies gang to be invited to a sneak preview of Rack & Brew. Having a glamour shot with sisters Denise and Dilys Chai.



A dear friend and talented photographer Jane was there at the event as well ~~ be sure to check out her work!



When you enter the café, you will notice the range of furniture and settings in the restaurant, with hidden interesting trinkets to be discovered.



A shot of the ambience ~~



I like the tall benches in the café ~~~ and the chairs are at the perfect height to make seating comfortable.



Marul and Benjamin ~~ food photogs obviously chose this yellow table next to the window for good lighting to shoot the food ~~~ #naturallighting



Want some alone time to do your work and enjoy your coffee? No problem ~ they got small tables like these ~~



Ahhh ~~ enjoying the coffee ~~



Two foodies ~~ Ricky and Billy ~~



Shaun, Deon and Rachel enjoying some dessert ~~



Go up the stairs to the 2nd floor and you will see their available line of clothes and accessories for sale ~~



A very quirky feel to the boutique ~~ hee hee



Now as Maria always say ~ WTF!? Where’s the food?! Wait wait ~~ it’s coming up ~~ now what can you expect from Rack & Brew?



First of all ~~ they make good quality coffee and hot chocolate ~~ the fundamentals of any good café – serve a bad cup of coffee and you won’t last very long in today’s competitive café culture. I always enjoy a cup of flat white but it’s good to have a nice cup of hot chocolate from time to time.



Something cold on a hot day? Lot’s of choices as well such as this ~~ oooohhh making me thirsty already ~~



A big big thumbs is their delicious Kuching Style Chicken Kolomee ~~ with added crispy fried chicken skin to give their kolomee an extra ommmpphh!!!



Seriously ~~ who says no to crispy fried chicken skin? *drools*



They also have a red sauce version which I prefer as it has a slight sweeter taste ~~ the chicken charsiew sauce kolomee ~~ ahhhh sooo good ~~ love the texture of the curly noodles and of course the crispy chicken skin!!



Ooooh be sure to enjoy their crispy curry puffs and chicken puffs ~~ delicious! You can spot them near the counter ~~



Nachos are da bomb!! Crowd favourite and well ~~ always happy to share with friends!



Another one of their signatures is their Soft Shell Crab Eggs Florentine – which is kinda like an eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce but this is served with added spinach ~~ so it becomes an egg florentine. Ooooh myyyy gawddd~~ soft shell crab + poached eggs + spinach + hollandaise sauce? I’m not good at maths but you do the calculations and you know that equates to GOOOOOD EATSS!!! #foodmathematics #softshellcrab #eggporn



Add a cup of coffee to make the formula even better ~~ #ohyesss~~



Burgers wise – they have this special nasi lemak burger ~~ which is a reinterpretation of the local favourite ~~ sambal – eggs – fried chicken – cucumbers ~~ oooooh myyy ~~



Sambal and perfectly pan fried sunny side up egg ~~ with crispy fried boneless chicken ~~ #SOLD #shutupandtakemymoney



Another exciting burger is the beef ribs burger ~~ ooooh my ~~ I know some friends who love biting the meat off the bone ~ and isn’t that an instagram worthy dish?! #foodporn



Their pressed sandwiches are yummy too ~~ this is their sundried tomato chicken sandwich ~~ the melted cheese does look good!



A bit of fusion here as well ~~ their seafood curry pasta is a spicy journey for your taste buds!



They have a few types of crepe lasagnas ~~ but I enjoy their pesto sauce ones ~~packs a lot of herby goodness!



If you like fried stuff ~~ their chicken katsu ~~ breaded chicken with yummy onion rings ~~ served with their in house signature orange sauce should entice you!



Or try their chicken veloute stuffed with cheese and gherkins ~~ mannnn ~~ that certainly looks good!



The Rack & Brew snack platter for those who want a bit of everything ~~ or to share with friends ~~ three different types of potatoes ~~ fries, wedges, waffle fries ~ served with three different type of yummy dips ~~ two mini beef sliders and chicken wings ~~ sounds like a GOOD TIMES platter! hahaaha ~~~



Fancy a bit of excitement with your friends? There’s this Roulette wings ~~ much like Russian Roulette but in the form of yummy chicken wings – there will be two that will be extra spicy and hot! Will you be the lucky one?



One simply does leave Rack & Brew without trying out their lovely cakes! They have quite a big selection and rotate daily ~~ let’s have a look at some of their cakes!



How can we forget about dessert?! Check out their Victorian Sponge Cake that’s beautiful and light!



Simple Lemon Poppyseed Slice ~~



Chocolate Fudge cake ~~



Red Velvet ~~~~~~ *swoons*



Green Tea Cheesecake anyone??



I have tried carrot cake before but have you ever tried a purple carrot cake? Gorgeous!



Nom nom nom nom nom ~~~



That Popcorn Chocolate Cake just looks tooooo gooood to be eaten!



Red Yellow Green ~~~ those drinks certainly will wash down the table of Rack & Brew goodies!


It was quite packed on a Friday night at Rack & Brew



Smile for!



Bumped into Gary and Jessie with their group of friends ~~



Jaymee, Andy, Linsii (what a pose!), Woon, Shan Wee and Sii Ya having a great time ~~


Rack & Brew is located right on top of Paddington House of Pancakes Gadong branch (just next to Mcdonalds Gadong)


Opening hours :

Monday to Wednesday 11am to 10pm

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 11am to 11pm

Friday 2pm to 11pm

Call: 2457886 for more enquiries, reservations and special events

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