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Tamu Selera Dinner with Brunei Foodies


After having fun at the Escape Experience Brunei located at Kiulap ~ the foodies decided to go Tamu Selera for supper to satisfy our adrenaline rush from all the problem solving fun!



The question people usually ask is which stall for Ayam Penyet? My friends narrowed it down to Stall number 4 (green walls and blue tablecloth) and Stall number 5 (yellow wall and yellow tablecloth) – so I bought some from both and we did our very own taste test.



Stall number 4 on the left and stall number 5 on the right – note that we tapao and replated everything! LOL!



While waiting for my Ayam Penyet – I noticed one big family ordered a big plate of these cucur tauhu sumbat and cucut tempeh served with sambal ~ so I ordered some too ~~ from Stall number 4. I love the cucur tempeh and the sambal really goes well as a dip!



Based on our subjective verdict – we unanimously preferred the chicken from Stall Number 5 – the skin has more flavour and chicken was cooked just to our liking. However – we were split in terms of decision on the sambal – but for me I prefer the sambal from stall numer 4. Another friend said based on the sambal alone – they would prefer stall number 4. We all have different tastes and when I was there – stall numbers 3. 4 and 5 were packed with patrons enjoying Ayam Penyet!



However – the star of the night wasn’t the Ayam Penyet or the Cucur – but it’s these Ayam Bakar from Gerai 26!



While tasting the other stuff ~~ we also ordered the Sup Tulang which was quite nice ~~



and what night at Tamu Selera would be complete without Satay Kambing ~~ LOL!



GLORIOUS GLORIOUS AYAM BAKAR! Flavoursome sweet caramelized chicken skin and moist chicken ~ served with their in house sauces (both are good!) – sorry Ayam penyet – tonight I cast my vote to these Ayam Bakar ~~ #winnerofthenight The best part? $3.50 per piece of chicken ~~ sooooooo much value! Rice is also included btw!



Can you believe the four of us finished all that?! RAWR!! That’s why Brunei Foodies ~~ HAHAHAHAH!

So ~~ which is your favourite stall at Tamu Selera? Do share your favourites!

Pics of the food are mostly from Marul’s LG G4 camera.

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