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Manila Restaurant Review: Mesa Filipino Moderne

Located at Greenbelt 5, shopping hotspot in Makati, Manila, MESA is one of the highly recommended restaurants serving Filipino Cuisine. They are pretty authentic when it comes to their food but their food presentation and style of serving in a more classy dining environment gives the modern feel to Filipino Cuisine. I heard about this restaurant from blogs and of course the prestigious Manila Best Kept Secret Awards – they were nominated every year from what I’ve read – so I can’t pass up the opportunity to dine in this restaurant when I saw it while shopping at Greenbelt. 

DSCF0635 (Medium)

Quite an attractive logo that looks like steam rising above your food on top of the table. Clever design.

DSCF0637 (Medium)

The utensils looked like extensions of metal bones ~

DSCF0640 (Medium)

As you can see – they are full during lunch ~ I had to wait quite long just to get a small table by the side of the restaurant – bathed by the hot sun rays! So be sure to make a reservation if possible!

DSCF0642 (Medium)

Special home made vinegar for your meals~~

DSCF0636 (Medium)

They are famous for their CRISPCHON – which is Crispy Lechon in a way. Suckling pick with very crispy skin! You can choose to have it on it’s own or served 2 ways with pandan crepes or tossed in chili garlic. I opted for the original and just dipping it with three dips~

DSCF0645 (Medium)

You don’t need me to tell you how crispy the skin is ~~ simply phenomenal!

DSCF0650 (Medium)

As you can see – there’s three dips to choose from – I personally love the garlic mayonnaise the best, it’s tangy kick gives a good match to the crisp fatty pork lechon!

DSCF0655 (Medium)

Oh my PORK indeed~~ I would hashtag #porkporn for this! Simply delicious!

DSCF0643 (Medium)

Did I mention that their Fragrant basil duck fried rice is delicious as well? Good to eat on it’s own I tell ya!

Meso Filipino Moderne

Greenbelt 5, Makati


Telephone: +632 728 0886

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