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Brunei Restaurant Review: Renyi Filipino Restaurant with directions.

I have my first taste of Filipino cuisine when I was in Brisbane, Australia. It was a delicious roasted suckling pig dish called Lechon – the crispy skin plus gelatinous fat and flavoursome pork was to die for! In fact, even the great Anthony Bourdain himself claimed that the Filipinos made the most delicious pork he had ever tasted!

When I was in Sabah KK, I got to eat in Tambayan Filipino Restaurant and I was in love. Who could say no to rich fatty sinful dishes, especially at 3am in the morning after a long epic partying session. Needless to say, I was very impressed with Filipino food ~~ and always craving for Tambayan whenever I visit KK.

Needless to say, when I heard there’s a restaurant in Brunei serving Filipino cuisine, I simply must check out the restaurant. Introducing Renyi Filipino restaurant in Menglait!


Oh yes! Bring on the foood!! Thanks Royston, Karen and Alex (Michelle and Amy whose not in the picture) for joining this yummy trip~~ You usually order your food like economy rice style. They will serve different Filipino dishes daily – so you just choose from what’s available.


How can one not like SISIG?! Chopped up bits of different parts of the pig and fried till crispy. This is the MUST order dish for Renyi – they run out pretty fast! Request for a hot sizzling one IF they have any – or else just take any leftover plates of sisig!


Beef Kare Kare – chunks of tender beef stewed in a rich peanut sauce and usually served with some Filipino styled salty shrimp paste.


They also have Filipino style beef stew in flour, laurel leaves and carrots. Tender and melt in your mouth goodness!


Minced pork spare parts with a spicy kick (insert Filipino name – I am unsure of the name of this dish)


Filipino style Minced pork spiced pancakes


This dark matter sauce like thing is interesting. It’s basically fried or cooked pork parts simmered in a pig’s blood sauce. It’s called Dinuguan. Have the courage to try this – you will not be disappointed… *smacks lips*


When I posted this photo on instagram – many apparently had tried this eggplant omelette dish. It’s basically grilled eggplants – skin off and smashed flat – soaked with eggs and garlic – then pan fried. There’s a certain smokiness and richness to this omelette.


Filipino Style Pork Satay ~~ hmmm …..


The Filipino version of Sweet and Sour Pork is another must try ~~ more on the sweet side – taste a bit like Bah Kwa (Dried pork jerky) but more tender and juicy.


Words cannot express how beautifully delicious the crispy crackling skin of the fried pork is! Oh MY PORK!


I must say I am a fan of their fried tanghoon (glass noodles) – very very good with crispy pork bits – very flavoursome ~~ very yumness!


Yeah – they do have vegetable dishes if you have fussy friends who simply must have some fibre in their diet – or to cut your guilt of eating such a rich meal.


They also have Filipino style springrolls called Lumphia! Drizzled with gravy ~~ hmmm…


If you want to buy some crispy pork crackling ~ they sell these too ~~ Hu hu hu ~~

Now your biggest question would be – how to get there? Which part of Menglait? Here are some pics to help guide you.


Do you recognise this road? If you turn left – you will drive to Menglait Shell Station and Post Office – on the right side of the road – you would have just drove past NBT. Keep going straight ~~


You see the place where the red car turned out and you notice the big SUBARU showroom sign? Turn left into this entrance and you will see a mini roundabout. Note: If you go straight – you will drive past Riverview Hotel and get out of Gadong)


Turn left on the mini roundabout and you will see Spg 28 – this is the entrance to Renyi.


Tadaa!! You’ve reached your destination! It’s right next to PURELAND Vegetarian restaurant.

Note: The best time to visit this restaurant is between 11:30 am till 1:30 pm. This is because despite the closing times of the restaurant – the restaurant seemed more focused on readily cooked dishes served economy rice style. I have some followers on Instagram who tried coming here for dinner but found that most food had ran out and the chef does not wish to cook extra. So do visit here during lunch time to avoid disappointment.

Reasons to come here?

A wide variety of Filipino dishes – served pretty fast as you just order economy rice style – and they have different menus daily.


You can order balut here – a very unique Filipino dish – google that to find out ~~ be amazed

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