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Manila Restaurant Review: Kanin Club

In the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati, there's another popular restaurant specializing in modern Filipino cuisine. You just need to locate Ayala Triangle Gardens, and look out for a row of restaurants. It has earned rave reviews from popular bloggers from Manila such as Shoot First Eat Later, and OurAwesomePlanet.

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I actually walked here from Green Belt using google map!

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Their interior – simple hardwood chairs and floors. Pretty cosy but nothing too fancy.

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We came here around 3pm – which explains why it’s so quiet. Usually people have cakes and tea around this time – not your average heavy Filipino food.

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I tried their sinangag na sinigang, which is a reconstructed sour soup (sinigang) into a fried rice dish. It has quite an appetizing sourness to it! It’s served with fried crispy veggies and yummy thinly sliced pork belly ~~ oinkness!

DSCF0673 (Medium)

The next dish is their famous seafood kare kare, assorted seafood, dipped in special Filipino style peanut sauce and served with their powerful shrimp paste! Quite a big portion!

DSCF0686 (Medium)

Be ready for a flavour explosion when you sample their shrimp paste! BOOM!

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My last but not least dish was their version of Dinuguan, which is usually pork liver and other porky parts, cooked in a pig’s blood stew, which can be a love it or hate it dish for many. Their version is this Crispy Dinuguan, which is a stew made from Pig's blood and crispy fried pork bits minus the liver! It’s been claimed even anti-Dinuguan foodies will even like it. I personally like the crispy crunch of the pork which matches the pig’s blood sauce nicely! Thumbs up for this dish!

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They have many branches but I think the easiest one for tourists like me would be the Ayala Triangle Gardens branch. Thanks Google map!

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