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Manila Restaurant Review: Mamou

In the high street of Serendra hails a restaurant called Mamou by Chef Malou Fores, specializing in good Filipino Comfort Food. The food mostly comes from her creations for her own family. Take a cab and ask the taxi driver to drop you at Market Market – then walk across to Serendra, you will find Mamou (pronounced Ma Moo).

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Mamou is a home kitchen – bringing food from the home kitchen to your table ~ my favourite kind of food and the type of restaurant I hope to open one day.

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You can see they are published in magazines and well known throughout the foodie scene in Manila.

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The restaurant looks empty because I dined in at around 9:30 – this was taken around almost 11pm – so I can get a good shot of the restaurant ambience.

DSCF1087 (Medium)

DSCF1045 (Medium)

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Well and ready for the Mamou comfort food!

DSCF1039 (Medium)

The complimentary buns ~~

DSCF1047 (Medium)

Their dry aged Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak is simply tender and melt in your mouth (very highly rated by Manila bloggers)! Packed with flavour and while it might look oily ~~ you’re basically looking at it’s own fat! Hmm ~~~ steak bathing on its own fat~ yum yum ~~

DSCF1077 (Medium)

I ordered the creamed spinach and rice as sides for my steak ~~ I’m always a fan of creamed spinach~ nom nom ~~

DSCF1053 (Medium)

This is their Lorenzo's Truffle Cream Pasta, initial impressions was that it looked so plain but upon smelling the pasta, I can smell the strong kick of the truffle cream! This was so good ~ that me and my brother mopped it up very very fast – poor Shelly who met up with us only had a few bites of this yummy dish!

DSCF1060 (Medium)

Their citrus rubbed roast chicken and pork is also one of their specialties. You can choose to have all chicken or all pork. This is served with black beans ~~ and cinnamon roasted bananas. Quite a treat!

DSCF1072 (Medium)

Pork and Chicken Adobo are very common staples of Filipino cuisine but cooking Duck Adobo is something new. The Duck Adobo shredded into flakes, are served with duck egg topped with truffle oil ~~ mix them up and you have a very delicious combo! Simply YUMMERS!

DSCF1089 (Medium)

I really wanted to order dessert but even with Shelly’s help ~~ we were too full to eat some more~~ I will surely come back here again for their Duck Adobo and Truffle cream pasta ~~ and try their desserts~~

Unit 1C - 15 G/F Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Heights, Fort Bonifacio, Philippines

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