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Brunei Foodie Event! Wingin Bakin Shakin Singin !

An overwhelming response flooded a local foodie event! Throngs of people came for the delicious wings, ribs, cakes, brownies and cookies! There were also guest performances from local talents ~~~ It was really my pleasure to join fellow bloggers Ranoaddidas and Maurina to cover this delicious event.


Wingin' with Wing-it? Bakin' with Muffins Paradise, Pvintaj cupcakes, Sweet as Sara and Wondermama? Singin' with Aziz Harun and Damai Heroes? Be sure to also take pictures at the photobooth by Cakes & Crafts! That was their slogan for the event!


Directions on how to get to the place~~ Loving the design of the poster! House no. 33, Spg 35 (right after shell station Mabohai), Kg Mabohai!

DSCF0066 (Medium)

Not surprisingly~~ the response was very good and the queue lines were long as hungry foodies line up to purchase the goodies!

DSCF0067 (Medium)

The goodies run out pretty fast ~~ Sweet As Sara sold out her 600 cupcakes within two hours!

DSCF0120 (Medium)

The Wing-it saucy chicken wings sold out pretty fast as well!! They got a variety of interesting flavours – ranging from Spicy hot to cheesy to sweet flavours ~ and served with a portion of french fries ~~ follow them @wingitbrunei on instagram. 

DSCF0094 (Medium) 

Besides selling Wings ~~ they also sell good saucy ribs ~~ which they called Rib-it ~~

DSCF0101 (Medium)

Close up shot showing the good amount of tender meat and fat ~~ oh my RIBS ~~~ *slurps*

DSCF0122 (Medium)

Fellow popular Foodie Maurina sneaks into the kitchen of Wing-it to pose with their delicious ribs ~~ hmmm ~~~

DSCF0069 (Medium)

Oh would you look at those beautiful rustic looking cupcakes from Sweet As Sara !!

DSCF0070 (Medium)

Oh Drooolss~~~

DSCF0093 (Medium)

Sweet As Sara has regular sized and also mini sized cupcakes ~~ Would you believe – 600 cupcakes sold within two hours on the first day!? Follow Sweet As Sara on Instagram @sweet_as_sara

DSCF0087 (Medium)

Pvintaj Cupcakes offers many cute mini sized cupcakes for sale ~~

DSCF0088 (Medium)

There’s just something about mini Red Velvet Cupcakes ~~ hmmm…

DSCF0089 (Medium)

Ohhhh wowzers ~~~ nyum nyum ~~~ Follow Pvintaj on Instagram @pvintajcupcakes

DSCF0104 (Medium)

WonderMama offers a great selection of  brownies such as Crack Brownies ~ Red Velvet Brownies (oh swoons) and one of my fav cookies such as the Reese Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (oh my gawd!)

DSCF0133 (Medium)

Follow Wondermama on Instagram @wondermamabn for information on her yummy baked morsels!

DSCF0112 (Medium)

Last but not least is Muffins Paradise! A muffin behemoth in the Brunei baking scene with a wide variety of choices! I’ve only managed to snap a tiny morsel of her range of muffins and cupcakes!

DSCF0110 (Medium)

Not to mention her various yummy brownies ~~ this is her Nutella Brownie ~~ How can you say no to Nutella ….. on a BROWNIE! CANNOT!! TIDAK BOLEH! BEH TANG!! BU KE NEN!! MOU HO NANG!!!

Follow Muffins Paradise on Instagram @muffinsparadisebrunei 

DSCF0128 (Medium)

Be sure to check out the booth by Cakes and Craft to take photos!

DSCF0126 (Medium)

Entertaining singing and shakin performances by local talent Aziz Harun and the Damai Heroes~~

DSCF0130 (Medium)

A very cheerful and chilling jam session ~~~ be sure to join in the Singin and Shakin!

DSCF0119 (Medium)

It’s great to see fellow foodies follow their passion and turning it into a business! Go Local Entrepreneurs! A good inspiration for the youth! Mothers who have professional careers while running a home business! Respect! You have to admit it’s an enormous achievement!

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