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A journal of my cooking adventures–Appetizers

I cooked a lot of things for the past few years – experimenting and trying out new ideas and techniques. Usually I put them in my facebook – but I had been slack in updating them in my blog. This is just a post to collect the memorable dishes I’ve cooked in my humble kitchen.

Let’s begin with the appetizers shall we?


Inspired by David Chang’s slow poached eggs and Miso butter – this combination is one of the tastiest way to enjoy your eggs.


The miso butter is a combination of butter, miso and cider vinegar. A good spread for many sandwiches and to serve with poached eggs!


The miso butter goes very well with my Thai Style Green Curry Basil Chicken Burger – really Ommph!


Who can resist a soft fluffy pancake topped with a perfectly fried sunny side up egg, with whipped cream and french mustard! I love making pancakes and the trick is to introduce as much air as possible ~~ I whip my egg whites till soft peaks and fold them into the batter.


A snack I love to whip up is the mango avocado guacamole to eat with chips ~~ such an indulging treat!


This is a bowl of my Extra Virgin Olive Oil Slow poached Prawns and Squid – a very fresh tasting seafood appetizer. You would love the semi-cooked prawns infused with basil and the olive oil~~ hmmm


Super smooth (blended till creamy soup consistency) porridge with dried parsley served with slow poached eggs and deep fried cha kueh from Miri


One simply cannot resist cincalok omelet served with chives and a squeeze of lime and sweet chili sauce. An Asian Style Breakfast! 


Chive Stalks (bought from hua ho) are a good vegetable to stir fry with these mushrooms and served with an egg. Yummy!


Scallops that are first cooked Sous Vide (French style) and then torched with flames~ hmm…

I guess that’s all for now – I will update most of my pastas and pizzas section next time. It’s been an Appetizing post ~~

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