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A journal of my cooking ~~ Pastas

If you have to say what’s my favourite or most confident thing to cook ~~ it has to be pasta. I simply love cooking pasta. Be it home made from scratch, or just using the dried ones; I tend to create fusion pasta dishes ~~ fusing Asian ingredients or cooking style into pasta dishes.


This is a pesto pasta – instead of the traditional pesto of basil, pine nuts and parmesan – I’ve replaced them with Thai basil, cashews and miso paste~~ a more Asian style pesto dish~~


Kimchi Alfredo. Using a Korean staple, the Kimchi ~ I fused it with an Alfredo sauce to create this Korean fusion pasta. Specially good for Kimchi lovers!


Japanese style pasta salad – using home made Japanese Style Mayo and tossed with wasabi paste, crab meat and chives.



Having made green tea pasta from scratch, I served this with a spicy clam sauce. A fusion of Japanese, Italian and South East Asian flavours. Simply yum!


A dish I can proudly claim to be true Bruneian. This is a Belutak Carbonara, using the delicious Brunei’s very own sausage! A stunningly sinful dish!


My roasted red chili pasta – long red chilies were roasted till caramelized and then blended with other spices to make a paste for this exquisite spicy red sauce ~~


Regarded as one of AnakBrunei’s favourite of my pastas~~ this is the salted duck yolk pasta! A popular sauce in Chinese dishes, I fused the golden yolk sauce to create this pasta dish.


This dish has been one of the most cooked pasta dish for me – it’s my Thai Style Marinara – using thai basil and my slow roasted tomatoes and crab meat to give this angel hair pasta a good kick! This dish has also won 3rd place in the Brustralia Foodie Challenge in 2011!


This is an emotional dish for me because it’s my first entry into a cooking challenge and it won award for best dish! My Nonya Dry Curry Pasta is a fusion of Nonya Kari and Pasta! A drool worthy dish!


I always thought my Nonya Dry Curry pasta was the pasta to beat but when I created this pasta dish for 2011’s Brustralia Foodie Challenge – this can be arguably my proudest master piece. I got the idea of a laksa pesto dish using daun kesum – but when I added the laksa paste and coconut milk – it fused very well with the daun kesum pesto and resulted in this phenomenal dish. It was no surprise that this won first place for the Brustralia Foodie Challenge in 2011. The Laksa Pesto Pasta – a tribute to the famous Kuching Laksa.


When I was in KK, I got to try Maggi Goreng – a typical supper dish for the Sabahans. I created this sinful Maggi Goreng, which has beef rendang, crab meat and topped with a sunny side up egg. Simply delicious!

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