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YAM YAM KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

Korean fried chicken is something new to many. This restaurant is a joint partnership between Bruneian and Korean. It’s opened for some time already and they did post some advertisements in the newspapers.
They are already featured in Brunei Times but how many of us know where this Yam Yam KFC is located? In the newspapers, they mention Kiarung as their address but finding the place can prove confusing for some. Have no fear – as I will guide you through how to find the place.
This is the crossroads along Jalan Pengiran Babu Raja – if you go straight – you will go to Beribi Shell Station – turn right and you will enter Kiarung – so you should turn right here.
You will be faced with red humps like these because it’s a school area. Keep driving straight ~~~ DO NOT turn into the Kiarung Area where Baiduri bank and Kaizen Sushi is located. Just keep going straight ….
Until you see this mini roundabout – turn left …
You will then see a Simpang 18 and a yellow CAR WASH sign (you can have your car washed while enjoying your meal LOL) – turn into this simpang and you will find ~~
This orange coloured building ~~~ YAY~~ we are here!
YAM YAM KFC ~~~~~~~~~~ THIS WAY ~~~~~~~~~ I am surprised they don’t use any Korean Mascots ~~~
To avoid embarrassment, which two of my friends did – use the DOOR on the left side .. the right door is locked de ~~ haha ~~
I am intrigued by this tyre table ~~
Pretty spacious and simple decoration with many signs about their food~~
Feels like a fast food chain ~~
I ordered the Half Yang-Neom Chicken and Half Gan- Jiang Chicken for $10
KFC is basically crispy fried chicken but tossed in special korean style sauce. It’s quite delicious! I especially liked the crispy skin and that saucy feel to my chicken (yet it doesn’t make the skin soggy) YUM YUM chicken indeed!
Being a Korean restaurant – it’s no surprise you will see many other Korean dishes such as this Char Chiang Mian
This Omurice set is good value – chicken chop on top of egg and rice and with sides ~~ complete meal (I felt my chicken chop was a bit tough though)
The Korean Stone Pot Rice ~`
Gim Bap (Korean style sushi) which goes well with the KimChi (no wasabi pls lol)
Spicy Korean Noodles (similar to Char Chiang Mien style but this one clearly uses hot bean paste)
Hot and Spicy Kimchi Stew (Soup)
Nutritious Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup ~~ hmmm…
Chap Chae (not sure if I spelled correctly) is a noodle dish – green bean noodles apparently stir fried with vegetables. It felt like thick Tang Hoon but texture wise very interesting. DSCF0614
Kimchi is usually given with the GIM BAP but if you want to tapao/takeaway Kimchi, they do sell at a good price ~~~
Personally I like their fried chicken and I think you will ~~ the Korean dishes are generally alright but the main thing I will order here will be the Fried Chicken, drenched in the sauces ~~ hmm… *finger licking good*

UPDATE: Yam Yam chicken has since closed down but has been relocated to Batu Bersurat. More news to follow. Stay tuned. 
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