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Lee Wong Kee Seafood Soup @ Hilltop, Kota Kinabalu

One place I miss in Kota Kinabalu is Lee Wong Kee Seafood Restaurant. They will serve the seafood in a nice tom yam broth - very fresh one. If you like Kueh Chap ( Internal Spare Part of chicken or pig), you will see assorted fish maw, fish lips , baby scallops, clams etc here to add into your soup.

Besides Tom Yam Soup, they also got Fishhead Beehoon soup and other things. You can also kolomee here to accompany your soup.

See the assorted amount of things you can add to your soup. Yum yum! Note of caution - please ask for the price before you confirm your order. The prices are according to seafood market rate one.

Here is my Tom Yum Soup~~ *Slurps*

Look at that~~ seafood loving goodness!

I simply adore baby scallops~ Very generous portion - very satisfying. All that for only 13rm including my kolomee~~ Some people might not like the soup cos of the strong after taste of Ajinomoto or MSG but I did not really drink much of the soup. I was more like scooping out the seafood and devouring them. *smacks lips*

Using the road from Foh Sang to City Mall road, there's a big traffic light junction turning into City Mall. If you turn left, it brings you to City Mall. turn right, goes to Hilltop. After turning right, take note of a Prudential Building on your left. Lee Wong Kee is just next to it. There's also a good Ngau Chap noodle place on the other end of this area! Simply gorgeous~~~
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