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Lunch Review: Flavours

Just the other day, I decided to stop by Flavours in my search for the best nasi lemak in Brunei. Flavours can be easily spotted if you turn into central Gadong using the Simpang that's just after NBT Gadong, you won't miss it. As I was reading their menu, I caught a glimpse of their Nasi Lemak Special. For only $5.50, you get the fragrant coconut rice, fried chicken, black pepper beef and sambal sotong. On top of that, you also get a free ice lemon tea! Sounds like an awesome deal so I went for it.

The iced lemon tea came first and as I took a sip, I found that the balance of sweet and sour to be slightly off and I did not really like it. Not the usual refreshing taste I would get from a good iced lemon tea. That said, people had been telling me the drinks here are not bad and one should try their Java Shake and Tapai Shake.

Now on to the nasi lemak review. The rice has the good fragrant a good nasi lemak would have and also the texture was just right. Though it lacks the extra ooomph tastewise - it's passed the rice test. The chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The only drawback for the chicken was the under-seasoning. Despite the good texture, it lacked flavour. The black pepper beef was tender and the sambal sotong was just the right chewy texture. The only drawback was that both were slightly saltier but once you mix them with the rice, it would be alright. I wasn't a fan of their sambal ikan bilis so I just ate my rice with the black pepper sauce and the sambal sotong. Overall, if you want a nasi lemak with a little bit more of variety, you should try this dish.

Overall the ambience was relaxing and the service was quite friendly when I had my lunch there. I wanted to try their famous Tapai Shake but then it was sold out, which gives me a good reason to come back here again.


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I saw it was closed the other day. Might it be closed down for good?

  2. I saw it closed too - maybe a new restaurant coming up?