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Brunei's Best Kolomee is BACK!!!

The last time I mentioned that the best place to eat kolomee is Ocean Quarry's Kolomee at Bunut. But it was closed down last year. It was really a sad moment for kolomee lovers and fans of this place.

Remembering the old place~

However, the owner has opened and relocated to Spg 1029, Jalan Muara! So kolomee lovers! What are you waiting for?! Let's go!

Then after finishing it, I still can't get enough of it. So I ordered Kolo MeePoh.

Now why is this shop good? Let me see.

First of all - it's the great tasting kolomee and meepoh that uses their own special recipe which other shops don't have.

Their fantastic soup - which is chocked full of flavour but I dunno how much MSG did they put in there - it's just very nice.

I ordered wonton kolomee, thats why my soup got wontons in it.

Their chili vinegar is also a very good add on to the amazing flavours of the kolomee. I usually put two spoonfuls of vinegar with my kolomee.


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