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The Lunch Review 4: Kolomee Under the Bridge

Welcome to the Lunch Review! Each week we'll choose one restaurant for lunch and write a review on our lunching experience. Note that the review will reflect our own opinion and experience. This is not a paid review and reviews are done discretely without the knowledge of the restaurant owners. Anyone else who is interested to join the review group please message me in Facebook :)

Many of you might have tried this place's famous kolomee before as this shop has been around for a long long time! It's actually an Indian shop that's under the highway or bridge as they call it. Here's a picture of the shop. As you can see, it's just like your average down to earth old style indian kopitiam.

Quite a number of people told me that the Kolomee Special is quite good in this place so I decided to take a look. The Kolomee special is $4.00. Quite pricey for kolomee, but I simply must try it. When I sat down and eat, I also noticed other customers ordering their kolomee special as well. I can't wait to try it!

As you can see from the picture, there's some boneless chopped chicken and shredded eggs with some green leafy vegetables. Look's good from first glance. Now to taste it.

Sad to say, I was really disappointed with this dish and partly because I came with high expectations. The kolomee was too salty for me and my other friend agreed. The texture of the kolomee was acceptable but not good. The average taste of the chicken and egg did not help to enhance the dish at all. Overall, if I were to rate this dish, even if it costs only $2-3, I would not recommend it.

Perhaps some might had liked the salty taste of the kolomee or perhaps they had an off day but this time, the kolomee simply failed to make the grade for me. Thumbs down.
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