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Lunch Review: Empire Atrium

Welcome to the Lunch Review! Each week we'll choose one restaurant for lunch and write a review on our lunching experience. Note that the review will reflect our own opinion and experience. This is not a paid review and reviews are done discretely without the knowledge of the restaurant owners. Anyone else who is interested to join the review group please message me in Facebook :)

This week, we had our lunch at Empire's Atrium, one of the most exquisite place in Brunei. Surrounded by luxurious decors and ambiance, we came with high expectations as well, considering the prices we're paying for our '5 star' lunches.


The drinks were good but if you don't have a sweet tooth, their shakes and smoothies might be too sweet for your liking. Ask for ice to balance the sweetness to your taste. If you want water, you have to buy their Empire Sehat water for $5 each.


Their menus are big and bulky. Why bother with such a big unfoldable newspaper size menu when you have such a limited yet small selection? Oozing class? Posh? I don't think so.

The complimentary buns are quite good - it's actually enjoyable spreading butter and munching on them while waiting for your food.

We ordered three different type of sandwiches. Presentation wise, they look very appetizing, however, sad to say.. I did not like any of their sandwiches. It has truly disappointed. One of the sandwich was actually so salty and overly sour that I put it down after a bite or two. The silver lining is that their fries were acceptable.

French Onion Soup @ Empire

The French Onion soup isn't too bad but still a tad salty. Needs a lot of improvement.

Parpadalle @ Empire

Their Parpadalle costs $22 and I expect to be welcomed to perfectly cooked pasta tossed in whatever tasty sauce they conjured up. Sad to say, I was extremely disappointed in this dish. I would rather eat a plate of $2 seria kway teow than to have this overpriced undercooked undersauced '5-star' pasta. Thumbs down!

Overall, we came with high expectations and left the restaurant disappointed. It makes us wonder what kind of image this is giving to tourists who dine in the restaurant when they stayed over at the Empire. Is this the sort of food that Brunei offers? I cringe at the remarks they will make. The food is simply unacceptable for an internationally recognized hotel. Would I go there again? Most probably not.

Disclaimer: This post reflects my opinions of the food and service at that given time. The service and food might change and management might rectify problems over time. It doesn't mean the quality and service will be the same when you dine there.
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  1. I remember eating there once and once was enough. I had the fish and chips and it was quite pricey, but when the dish arrived the portion was sooo small and on a very big plate. I wasn't impressed!