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Kota Kinabalu Review: Grazie and Little Italy

When asked about where to eat in Kota Kinabalu, friends always recommend Little Italy. A place that is just opposite Wisma Merdeka. A good place to eat Italian pasta and pizzas.

Little Italy's Menu

Walls and paintings gives this cafe a feel of Italy.

I ordered the set lunch which gives you free garlic bread and soup of the day for every pasta you ordered (except for the raviolis)

Hmm... Thin Crispy Pizza. In my opinion, better than Fratinis.

I ordered Squid Ink Seafood Pasta. This dish has a very strong seafood taste and is not for everyone. Most people would not even touch it but hey - give it a shot if you're a seafood lover.

Overall, I would come back to try other pasta and pizza dishes again here, especially their Raviolis which I did not get to try because I was already stuffed! Must remember to try their desserts next time as well! Table service was prompt and friendly.

Another Cafe that comes highly recommended is Grazie. My KK friends highly recommend this place and insist I must try it. It is located a few blocks away from Marina Court Apartments, and is opposite or next to the Celcom building.

Prices are quite affordable, if you consider the exchange rates nowadays.

The place is a nice open air style cafe so during lunch time, it gets a little warm here. Dress casually, like tourists; comfy Tshirts and short pants.

Smile Mona Lisa~ Smile~~

Pastas and Pizzas are made fresh here. I think it's a slow afternoon, so they made our pastas on the spot~ hmm...

Our appetizer is Tuna Carpaccio, which is sashimi grade sliced tuna, drizzles with extra virgin olive oil and pesto. Seriously good stuff! Tastes great with crispy bread or on it's own.

I ordered Canneloni, pasta sheets wrapping mince beef (popiah or spring roll style), and baked in a cheesy sauce.

Simply Ooomph!

Roasted Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic Sauce. Soft, succulent and juicy with the hint of rosemary.

Beef Tenderloin with herbs and mushroom sauce. As you can see, it's cooked to just the way I like it, medium where you can still see the slight pink in the middle so that it retains some of it's juices. Mama Mia~ Bon Appetit !

Simply delightful Tiramisu. A must try in this cafe as well.

Grazie's ambience and decor really won me over despite it being an open air cafe. Their service was really prompt and the food arrived almost all at more or less the same time. Note that we did have to wait 20-30 minutes for the main course to arrive but the appetizers kept us busy. The food is really good and I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Kota Kinabalu. I would definitely come back here to sample their other dishes again!
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