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Brunei Hotel: Mawar Restaurant May Promotion!

Brunei hotel's Mawar Restaurant is introducing their new menu promotions starting 1st of May 2009. Their menu boasts fusion cuisines that will wet your taste buds.

Uttar Pradesh Spicy Chicken

It's tastes like lemon chicken with a touch of spiciness to it. Indian dishes are usually quite rich but this one is light and tastes great.

Cashew Kung Po Chicken

Chicken chopped into cubes and stir fried with chilies, cashews and spring onions.

Milk Sweet Corn Chicken
Crispy Chicken Patties served with a creamy corn sauce.

Black Pepper Buttermilk Chicken

Has the rich buttery taste of buttermilk chicken but with the added ooomph of black pepper! A must try dish.

Sautéed Fish Fillet

Fish slices sauteed with shrimp paste and assam. Spicy and sour dish.

Shanghai Chicken

Crispy chicken coated with a plum sauce

Clay Pot Lamb Curry
Lamb Curry. Needs no explanation really. Soft succulent lamb slow cooked with spices. Hmm..

Chicken Patties with Avocados
Chicken shaped into patties and served with slices of healthy avocados.

Their dishes cost only $6.50 per dish and includes one soft drink of your choice. A really good price for a hotel restaurant. Be sure to visit Mawar@Brunei Hotel restaurant this May.


  1. Hi Thanis!! great meeting you the other day. You have a wonderfully warm persoanlity :) No post on the event ka? hehe. Anyway, keep up the reviews, I am silently reading and drooling. haaa

  2. I uploaded all the pics to facebook~ it's kinda like my diary~ Din really have to blog about the event as there were many other bloggers with better camera~ lol

    add me in facebook Nikki~ search for Thanis Lim