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Old Town Cafe: Available now also in MIRI!

I remembered when I was in Kuala Lumpur or in Singapore, I would always have this craving for Old Town Cafe's Sliced Chicken Ipoh Hor Fun. Simply one of the best noodle soup dishes and it always put a smile of satisfaction to my face. Here are some pics from Genting's Branch.

Recently I went to Miri and I was really excited to see Old Town Cafe there. Was supposed to go eat Bah Kut Teh but they ran out ~ so when I stumbled upon this cafe, it was like finding treasure. Let's take a look at the Miri version so we can compare.

Ok~ the entrance may not be as grand and the location is a bit far from town, but hey .. that's why it's like finding treasure.

The inside decor is not bad, looks quite cosy in fact.

They still got the nice Ipoh Town signs as part of their decor.

Their menus are quite similar but the pricing is cheaper than the one at Genting.

Trying to decide what to order with a smug look on my face~ hee hee

This is their toasted polo bun with kaya and butter

Their signature toast is not as dark as the one you see in Genting. It tastes good with the nice fragrance but it's not as tasty as the one in Genting.

Toast with Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter

Chicken Ham Toast

Lor Mee - my friend regretted ordering it not because it's not good, it's actually tasty ... but she tasted my horfun and she regret straightaway! hahaha!

Here it is - Sliced Chicken Ipoh Hor Fun that I missed so much, noticed that the soup is not as clear as the original one and there's no prawns.

Taste? It's good, very good in fact, but I still think it's not as good as the original ones in KL. However, it is the closest thing to the Ipoh Hor Fun that I craved so this will do!

I *hearts* Ipoh Hor Fun!

So tunggu apa lagi? Hop off to Miri and pay this cafe a visit! You will not regret it de! It's on the same block as the Famous 10 Miles Bah Kut Teh restaurant, near the Vegas club, for those who know where all the clubs are. If you drive on the way to the Mariott Hotel, you will surely see it.


  1. Hey they have it in KK as well! you were there recently too right.. It's at 1borneo. XP

  2. Did you try it when you were in KK? ;)

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    is it halal?

  4. I don't see any pork in the menu though~ but I'm not 100% sure if it's halal.

  5. YES I DID! hahahaha. i like the coffee! white coffee or something.. can't remember.