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Trip to Phuket

Bear with me my readers cos this is gonna be quite a long post. You will see tons of pics about my food adventures in Phuket, Thailand and I was only there for like 8 hours. Take away 2 hours of Thai massages, 1 hour for some crap visit to a honey farm, 1 hr plus at some factory where we see Stingray wallets (meant to last very long) and lots of jewellery and 1 hr traveling time, you really don't have much time left but there's lots of interesting stuff to see in Phuket.

This picture looks funny

The first restaurant we decided to try was McDonalds. My friends didn't really have an adventurous appetite and decided to play safe. Thank god it's easy to make out what you want to buy as there's subtitles in English for us to browse.

The menu pretty much looks like your typical McDonalds but what's interesting is this.

Samurai Pork burger! Warau - Never try before and looks tasty. So I decided to order that one. I know I am very 'suaku' or 'sakai' but this is the first time I saw PORK burger in McDonalds ok!

Hmm... My first pork burger.... delicious!

If you can't take spicy food, don't even try their crispy spicy drumsticks. This is Thailand we're talking about here. Simply HOT and spicy~

After McDonalds, I decided to move around on my own and saw this pork sausages and other satay stuff stall. Wooo pork heaven la ... for a guy whose been living in Brunei all his life.

Look at the available selections! What to choose!

First you place your order and they will grill the sausages for you

Then they will serve it with Thai salad, which is quite good as well. Forgive me for not taking a photo of my dish, as I instantly dig in and only realized when I was halfway chomping down the tasty pork sausage!

After that, I saw this stall selling waffle like stuff. I decided to have some as well.

They have many flavours but too bad, chocolate filled ones are out, so I got the maple syrup one. It's quite crispy yet has a soft bready texture in the inside. Later, when I move to another supermarket, they also have one of these stalls as well. They must be quite popular in Thailand.

I must say, the stuff in their supermarkets are really cheap. If I were to live here, I would have so many ingredients to work without worrying bout the cost.

This is Pork Floss Pizza. I think it's such a good idea and I wouldn't mind having slices of these while watching a movie and drinking coke. Hmm...

Ooooh crowns~ with different savoury and sweet fillings. The one on the left is the easiest to figure out: Crab Meat. The other two on the side were Orange Jam and Blueberry Jam.

Seasoned whole fish, ready to be eaten. Yummy~

Breaded crabsticks.

What's this? Breaded 'Shishamo'? We usually order this in Excapade. It's pregnant fish. When you eat it, there's lots of fish eggs in the tummy. Absolutely delicious. Usually this costs around $3 or $4 for just 3.

The supermarket sells breaded ones for just 35 baht! Only $1.30 nia! WARAU! SOOO CHEAP! I had such a nice time munching on those Shishamos! Yum!

Check out the price of their Oyster meat. So bloody cheap ok! $1.30 for a 200g of Oyster meat. I will fry lots of oyster omelettes with this! Hmmmm!!!

Of course, nothing is complete in a Thai supermarket without an obvious spelling error.

We also bought lots of Thai mangoes. They usually cost like $7+ per kg in Supasave or Hua Ho. But in here, they cost less than $2 per kilo. We were in mango heaven I tell ya! Phew! Now that's one long post. I hope to visit Bangkok in the near future and eat like a king again. I am missing Thailand already.


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    hey, i didn't know u went to phuket.. siok eh!so wat else u did other than eating?

  2. hehehehe.... I know what you mean man!! We used to have McFarmer aka pork burger here but sales of it was slow so out it went... :( I LOVE that burger!