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Singapore Trip: Ding Tai Fung

Ding Tai Fung is famous for their Xiau Long Paus in Taiwan. They opened many branches around the world. I stumbled upon them in Singapore and decided to give their famous Xiau Long Paus a try, along with other delicious dim sums they have available.

The place is very popular and you can't call to reserve de. They are so popular that usually to eat there during lunch or dinner, you have to queue for a while, take number and wait. However, they save time by giving you a mini list for you to select your order while waiting.

Everyone will be given their special chili and ginger vinegar, which goes well with the xiau long pau. I can actually eat just those ginger with the fried rice. Yum... very appetizing.

Minced prawns wrapped in bean sheets and deep fried. Crispy skin and flavoursome taste of minced prawns with spices and herbs. Hmm..

Deep fried prawn dumplings.

It's a combination of minced pork and one whole prawn per dumpling. Nyumz~

Pork chop fried rice. One of the best fried rice I've tasted.

Korean Konbu. A type of seaweed, which is quite appetizing.

Taro (Yam) Pau which is very fragrant and tastes really good. Not too sweet.

Wooo~! Look at that!

Not to forget the highlight! To eat these tasty xiau long pau, you put one on your soup spoon, bite a ball hole out of the pau, and then suck the soup from inside. Alternatively, if you can withstand hot soup, just pop the whole thing in your mouth(not encouraged!). One of the best tasting xiau long pau! Can rival Dragon-I's one. Definitely a must try.

I also ordered dessert.

Mango sago pudding. Refreshing and fresh mango pudding on top of sago, shaved ice and sugar syrup.
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    Thanks for the nice post and photos :)Singapore and Malaysia do have a lot of nice foods...

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