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Breakfast: Tomato Bruchettas and Vodka Strawberry Milk

Was shopping and saw Giant had this offer for French Loaf. It's around 1.99 so I reckon I'll buy one and make tomato bruchetta for breakfast. Then I saw that Marigold HL milk finally had strawberry flavoured milk, so decided to buy that as well.

First, we cut the french loaf into slices, it's easier if you use a bread knife, the type which has "teeth" at it's edge. Cut only the amount you want to eat.

Toast those slices of bread in your toaster or oven. Don't forget to turn them. As soon as they are crispy, it should be alright.

Meanwhile, prepare the tomato topping.

Diced tomatoes, chopped basil, pinch of black pepper and salt, extra virgin olive oil, a lil bit of honey and dried oregano.

Stir well and leave for 5 minutes to marinate.

Peel one clove of garlic. Like the above. We will use this to rub on those crispy breads...

Let them cool down before you attempt to rub or you might burn your hands :P

Rub rub rub your garlic on the surface you're going to put the filling. The crispy surface of the bread should cut the garlic and it will stick. You can even eat it now if you love garlic bread.

Scoop your tomatoes, I must admit I should had diced them smaller. It would had been easier to eat.

Ta daa~~ Tomato Bruchetta. At this point, you can shave some good quality cheese such as parmesan cheese or goat's cheese on top but I'm cutting calories. Of course, the cheese will only make it taste better!

What to do with the milk? So plain hor... so I added a lil bit of this...

Smirnoff Vanilla Twist Vodka. Ahhhhh .... What a nice way to drown those tomato bruchettas~ Nyum~~
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  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Oi!!! why nvr use my YiLi Milk??